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[GUIDE] Kassidan- AP and Tank

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Flash is awesome.. Really gets you out of those dire situations when your Ult is on CD and youre getting ganked by 5 people not being able to blink in time.. or when youre outta mana which is rare..

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Only thing I really disagree with is not lvling his slow faster than his silence..i usually get lvl 1/2 mana drain and focus on both his nukes....frozen mallet is crazy good on him. PS Sheen AS or AP boots (depending on your rune build) Frozen Mallet Sheen -> Lichbane w/e you want after that pwnage! just finished 2 games one 10-0-3 and one was 19-0-12....just cant go wrong with this guy after frozen mallet/lich bane and some decent AP