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What's the point of ranking ranked matches?

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more then getting kills in lanes , shut the f**k up with your calm talk HEHE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS TEAMPLAY . HOW THE F**CK CAN IT BE A TEAMPLAY GAME WHEN BOTTOM LANE FEEDS 7 DEATHS TOTAL? AM I SUPPOSED TO LEAVE TOP LANE AT LVL 5 TO COME HELP BOTTOM? jesus god there is 70% games where you get complete ******s and there is no f**king calm talk to fix that. this game is pathetic and unbalanced concerning players and MATCHMAKING___________MATCHMAKING IS FAIL (and yeah i don't give a f**k about writing all this without caps, dots and rules - you get the point)

You have succeeded at making the entire forum's sympathy toward your cause somewhere along the order of zero.