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guide for ANNIE

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Annie is a very powerful hero. She has probably one of the best if not best burst damage combos. For all of those questioning how viable she is in high ELO, she is without a doubt one of the most played characters just for her burst and AOE stun.

exhaust and flash - my personal choice. Flash and exhaust help out all game and is always useful
exhaust and ignite - an ok choice but ignite loses its use late game and i rarely see myself clicking it late game

exhaust and ignite - guaranteed overkill no way of escaping if ganked though so not suggested unless you plan on dying after you get one kill - works well for greedy people :P

i suggest

Sapphire crystal first for the extra mana with 2 hp pots or you can go with a health crystal
Rod of Ages
Tear of God
sorc boots

the reason for this build is for a tankier annie in high elo she's easily shut down if she cannot take a couple hits. ROA is easily accomplished early in the game if you focus on your early game and mid game gank and depending on how you do, it could lead to a devastating annie carry into late game as well.

that's all i really have but here are tips and hints about annie that will vastly improve your annie game.

try and get a solo lane if possible
her amazing range with her basic attack can keep solo's at bay and with that stun circling around you they'll be hesitant to get close

for skills I alternate around
incinerate - helps make the enemy hesitant on pushing you since you have stun around you
after that i just switch back and forth between the two until they are both maxed
you can add one to molten shield but it helps more in late game and i usually only use it for a stun counter, now this is not set in stone or anything but this is how i prefer to play annie some level incinerate first because its damage is higher and they use one in disintegrate just for the last hits and to stun so they can run in and attack with an incinerate

anyway for the juicy parts the TIPS AND HINTS!!

-ANNIE can use any of her skills to charge her stun including her molten shield

-once you hit level 6 commence in ganking lanes and then stay in that lane until tibbers dies then go back to your lane and hold mid.

-you should have soulstealer asap because you're guaranteed a kill if they dont have heal when you
this is my main combo that i use whenever it is up
and will more than likely net you a kill every time

once you get that first kill report back to base and buy a blue elixir. return to lane and wait for your tibbers to come back up and gank again. help your teammates your burst damage is so amazing especially after those kills and assists along with that blue elixir there is no stopping you anyone who sees you with that stun will flee to their tower and sometimes it won't even save them because you can kill them so fast and get away fast with flash.

after you're level 12 or so try and have an elixir on you at all times it will make a difference between a kill and someone getting away with little to no hp.

-remember to keep CONSTANT pressure with her, wherever you go scare the enemies with your stun, just show up and if they see that swirl around you they will fall back and wait for teammates rarely will they rush in like idiots.

-ALWAYS have stun up if you don't have it up go kill minions and keep it up, enemies will always think twice about engaging you if it is up. ALWAYS

-if you are doing quite well early and mid game, your late game will be great since after all your kills you should be outleveled like no other.

-if you end up doing not so hot, lay back and become somewhat support and let your carry do what they are supposed to do, help with a tibbers stun or incinerate stun if there are more than 1 enemy. team fights can be determined by her aoe stun

-always blow all your skills in 1 attack especially with tibbers stun at hand, it will 90 percent of the time net you a kill especially with exhaust, i say 90 because heal can stop you from finishing them off or if you do bad in you're early and mid game, which is seemly hard to do with annie as long as you're ganking and killing enemies.

-always be doing something with annie, you are never to be standing near your tower. Always have your stun up, gank if you have tibbers, or be last hitting minions for cash, you waste no mana so why not abuse that fact?

well thats my "guide" idk comments is appreciated, flame if you want idc. i just made it cuz i was bored so have fun, thought this would help people play if they are struggling with annie. if there are any questions or concerns, im open to questions and even comments that can help enhance my build.

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so I've been trying Annie out lately and i really like her. Her mana never runs out and her burst damage is amazing at lvl 6. But I do have a question about her stun when ganking. If it is a gank on 1 person would you still use the bear stun? Usually people are smart enough to flash away, or run into the grass and play some mind games. i usually start off with desintegrate (the one thats 100% hit), to ensure the stun, then i hit with tibbers and use my cone attack. The 100% stun is much more reliable when the people you are versing are smart and move in unreadable ways. I tend not to carry exhaust because i have ghost. I realize that stunning with tibbers does do an extra 100 damage or so then stunning with desintergrate, but i find it too unaccurate without exhaust, especially if they have a flash. Obviously i use tibbers stun in team fights or when there are 2 people next to each other, but that's the only time i do.

Btw, i would definetely reccomend getting your molten shield to level 1 by lvl 7 or 8 because it dramatically helps in ganking. Let me take you through a scenario.

You have your stun up with annie. (Lets say your lvl 8 with lvl 4 of the 100% hit shot, lvl 2 of the cone shot, lvl 1 of the shield, and lvl 1 of tibbers.) So you open up with tibbers, then desintegrate, and incinerate. The problem because what if they have heal. Well hopefully you have a slow with you or a ghost, which is necessary in this case. Put on your shield and you will have Pyrotechnic x4. Use either desintegrate or incinarate to get the stun up, and use the unused ability to stun hopefully finishing him off. Your shield allows you to double stun quickly, but its extremely helpful to have ghost or exhaust or a friend with a slow to use the double stun.

Also, to do the double stun, you will need a good mana pool, so yeah i would agree on getting catalyst first, possible turning it into banshees.

Hope this helps =).