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[Champion Suggestion]: Freya, the Spear Maiden

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Faust xiii

Junior Member



Has longer range than most melee champs

Health: |||||.....
Magic: ||||||....
Difficulty: |||||||...
Attack: ||||||||..

Caster, Fighter, Assassin



Freya deals any damage he takes as bonus damage for one attack. Cap of X damage.

Spear Lunge: deals dmg in melee and the target moves where she moves for x second *think batrider ult in dota*

Jump: Jumps out of the screen for a while then comes crashing down again, deals area damage and half to herself, when a unit is in effect of spear lunge he also takes half more damage.

Hiqhwind: Passive: Casting increases her dodge and movement speed for a short peiod of time stacks x times.
Active: Works like jax' counter attack only no stun and has a short cooldown and small mana cost deals 75% of her damage.

Spear Vortex: Creates a vortex by spinning her spear sucking in enemies the farther the enemies are the longer it takes to suck them in CHANNELING UP TO 3 seconds 30/40/50% slow for 3 after hitting the eye.
Something went horribly wrong I remember posting a full champ, I'll just write the concept and edit later when I have the time.

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One good spear and she aint' a maiden anymore.

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Skills need a little work, the jump brings her justice from ff9.
Not sure about the ultimate, doesn't really seem her style. And her passive seems meh. I don't remember her being like that.

Her passive could be when allies nearby lose health, she moves faster. As in the lower the health of nearby allies, the faster she runs. And keeps the buff for x seconds if they die to avenge their death.

I think lunge is fine.

Jump could be fine if implemented well. I just think a jump in the air in a direction doing damage to targets on landing (Damage to self maybe) would be fine. If anything, it should be her ult. Being her signature move and all.

I think a passive/active could be - Passive = When something moves in tall grass, she can see where the movement is. Not what is there or anything like that, just that something is there. Active = Detect stealth within x range, costing x mana per second. This is mainly because she is a mouse/rat, and has the ears to sense.

And I'm at a lost for a third normal skill for her.

Also, I've been stating it through my whole post that Freya is a woman. Which you missed the first time on your post.