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Akali runes: activate both disciplines

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i run 3 damage quints, 1 damage mark and the rest in magic pen for marks. armor seals. and magic resist blues. This plus brute force in offense gives you the spell vamp, then you can start the game with an amplifying tome to give the second discipline and you can begin rushing a rylais.

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Guys, adding simple numbers is pretty simple.

1. Magic Pen reds. Always. Her main source of damage is magic. Her passive gives MAGIC damage on auto-attacks. Her Q and R is magic damage. Not 100% sure on her E.

2. Dodge/Armor/HP seals. Personally, i'm a fan of either dodge or armor.

3. Flat AP blues if you want her damage passive. If not that, then CDR or magic resist helps.

4. Flat AP quints if you want her damage passive, HP quints if you don't.

Start with Doran's Blade (+8 damage for those who can't read). That combined with the +3 damage from masteries will give you the spell vamp passive. I start with the blade because the extra HP is helpful.

Go either 21/9/0 or 21/0/9. Rush Rylais if you wan't to be beefy with a slow early game or rush Sheen for high deeps.

That's about all there is too it folks.