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Popular team compositions?

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What are some other team compositions that are popular/maybe not too popular, and effective?

Tanky / AoE CC / Hard carry laning / Pushing / Healers are the ones I know about

It seems like AoE CC teams are just the strongest one in general because the skill cap in team fights are so low... you basically press R and the entire enemy team is low/dead

Tanky can be really strong but its more of a late-game type of thing, tanks are generally weak early because they're not geared, and don't deal much DPS compared to a carry

Hard carry laning seems to be the most popular in just pubs, because pubs (atleast in my Elo) are just people picking semi-relevant champions to eachother (A carry, a support, a tank, a jungler, etc) Most pubs consist of this and this is the general "strategy" in league of legends, most of the picks revolve around winning 5vs5 team fights

Pushing - can be done with tanky comps, but can also be done with straight pushers like Sivir, or have some backdoors like Yi and TF, very rare strategy so I'm curious as to how effective this really is

Healers - usually combined with a long range type of carries like Kog'maw, Nidalee, or AP TF, so they can wittle you down before you even get in range, then just push towers without having to blue pill

Would you guys like to share any team compositions of your own? I'll share two of mine, semi original, but not -really- original

Gangplank, Zilean, Amumu (can jungle), Miss Fortune, Vladimir

A really akward team, they're still strong in teamfights but the thing about this team is that Gangplank is using XP quintessences, and has XP mastery in his tree, and has Zilean's bonus XP passive, and is denying his lane (Raise Morale)
He can basically level up far beyond his 1vs2 lane incredibly fast, and have his global ult at a ridiculous speed, they also have some AoE CC / AoE Damage, and Gangplanks AoE damage is global so he can continue to farm/push

Zilean, Shen, Warwick (jungle), Pantheon( or Xin Zhao), Malphite

Buy some guardian angels on the tanky DPS, and have Shen/Zilean constantly save your ass. As soon as you guys basically rush Guardian Angels, noone on that team is going to die, Zileans ult + Shen ult + Guardian Angel, pretty much just guaraunteed yourself immortality in team fights. Pantheon can go either slightly tanky/nuke or just straight ArPen nuke, and have Zilean/Shen hounding your butt

Anyone else want to share some team compositions?
Some effective ones - and be original, i.e - not just 5 global ultimates