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Minion Games

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Hello everyone, I was wondering how to make LoL a little more funnier and casual (without changing any of the MOBA mechanics or the metagame) so this idea just appeared.

Minion Games: The ultimate casual reason to play LoL. What the h**** is this? It's pretty simple, let me explain the whole thing:

These Games would be a series of mini games based on the minions. Who never wanted to play the Purple Minion Caster and fight a turret? I had an idea for 3 different games (2 that could be implemented very fast and 1 that would take some time to make).

Destroy the Turret - As the name says, your mission would be to destroy the enemy team turret (there would be only 1 turret for each team) on a 1 lane map. Everyone playing with minions that have 3 abilities (each with 3 lvls only) and 3 bag slots. The game would be very fast, as the max lvl would be 9 or something around it (the faster the game is the better, no one wants a long and boring mini game). The first team to destroy the enemy turret wins the game, neutral minions are not needed and the big tanky minion would either be spawn every 2 minutes and be controlled by AI or after 2 minutes someone would be randomly turned into it and stay like that for another 2 minutes, then this person would return to his (her) original minion and another one would be turned into the tanky minion. The respawn time should be fast and the itens allowed should be Elixirs and Doran's like itens, so the game would not require much skill to be playied and would not be item dependent. The map would be a 1 lane only with bushes at the top and bottom sides of the lane, so ganking is a must (Help me! I'm being ganked by minions!). I will not go into more details so more people can contribute to it and make it even better.

Minion War - An Arena like game with minions, your mission would be to defeat the enemy team. No turrets, no Nexus, just you, your team, and the enemy minions. Team fight for the win in this one, could use a simple map with some bushes here and there. Each team would have a Score to set how many times someone could revive, this Score being shared by the entire team .Something around 10 Score Points for each team so one player could die 10 times and lose the game for the whole team, or each person could die 2 times and get defeated (yea 5v5 based game but it could be improved, I'm just throwing out the idea, it could be 6v6 or whatever).

Void Race - A minion racing game! Can you escape the void before Cho or Kog gets you? Can you run on Noxus or Demacia (care with Katarina and Garen)? You would race against other minions on this one (using WASD, so this is the most time consuming mini game to be developed). The racing maps should be pretty cool to see, running on the streets of Noxus for example... (I'm really dreaming in this one). With some Mario Racing like itens to throw on your opponents.

Well, "this is it", I hope everyone enjoy these ideas and the games shall not be just for fun, IP and rewards should be given (minion skins or something would be really fun). Sorry for any english mistakes.