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So... when are you getting around to fixing Solo Ranked?

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Karma Police

Senior Member


Games like this shouldn't happen... I was the only one on my team who scored a single kill and the last to lose my tower as a 2v1. Not only that, but during the game my teammates did nothing but grief and harass each other (and myself). One player went on a 5 minute long rant harassing our team while afk in base, and when I said I was reporting him responded by saying that he'd heard that 100 times.

I can't get my rating any higher when my team causes me to lose so badly... once you fall low in ranked ELO, it's impossible to get back up. I can't carry every game, especially when my team feeds relentlessly and distracts me with griefing. Tighten up on your bans and please, oh please do something about ELO hell. That is all.