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Give me a Soraka build

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Innervating Locket
Merc Treads
Aegis of the Legion/Soul Shroud (aegis if someone else doesn't have it)
Soul Shroud (if someone else doesn't have it and you built aegis)
Rylai's Crystal Sceptor
Banshee's Veil

You can also go AP with like, a few RoAs. Or an archangels + veil or something.

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I tend to go for dual RoA, then Archangel's, then Zhonyas, but most of my games with her have ended so quickly that I don't even finish the second RoA. Boots either Sorceror's, Swiftness or Mercury depending on my opposition and how I feel. Depending on how often you can grab Golem, I may or may not get an early-ish Frozen Heart (I can get 15% CDR from masteries and runes); the CDR is even more important than AP for her.

Clarity is a must-have IMO; not having to rely on Infuse for your own mana is a godsend. I use it almost exclusively offensively, right from the beginning. I take it as my first skill, then heal, then alternate Starcall and Infuse.

Thing is, everyone sees Soraka and thinks "Oh, just a support healer". Playing aggressively surprises them. I remember laning against Jax/Tryndamere one time, and simply moving forwards a little and spamming Starcall whenever they tried to get some last hits in. The damage stacks up fast, especially with CDR, and the MR penalty is not fun at low levels. I ended one match with more total kills and assists than our Tristana, simply due to rarely being primaried and spamming my abilities. The fact that Infuse is an instant, animationless nuke also makes a big difference in terms of effectiveness - and people often seem to assume that it's someone else doing it, as the fact that she has a silence is not common knowledge.