Anivia, first time

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So all this talk about Anivia, her status, and how she plays: means I loaded her up in Solo Queue Normal Game w/o a premade and tested her out myself.

7/1/10 with a champ I haven't played in 4 months (I sucked with her). Now, however, she is so sweet. R + E = Boom Q is like the slow ball of death. It's great watching the enemy dodge sideways to avoid it. Hey, mission accomplished. Her wall is SWEET. The enemy team pushes towards our team, I wall their tanks off from their carries/mages and it's butchering time vs the isolated tanks. Nothing they can do about it (unless they flash or something). Walling off 1/2 the enemy team is only the start as the Bird drops her ult and does AOE slow and damage. Then I pick the juicest of tanks (you know, the one who only has merc boots as MR), and press E! Ka Boom!

I know, cool story, bro. Had to share.

Happy New Years, infidels.

I build depending on the enemy team, but i'm a total noob with anivia so here's what I did:
Catalyst -> Roa
Sorc Boots
Haunting Guise
Needlessly Big Rod
Megatron Cloak for some more MR.