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blitzcrank free week

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blitzcrank is not an easy champion
you see the same thing with free anivia week...
i main both of them
and i have to say, its REALLY fun!

blitz's grab is a pretty difficult skill to use
its range is... meh
and its speed is crappy. but the reward for pulling it off is well worth it.
it causes the enemy to really think about it. this should be the same for any champion
fear the skill shots
and as a tank, go in front of the team and take the hits!!

his grab range is actually fairly large. just think about it... anyone in that range he can easily grab and bring to him. with some skill in hiding in grass or some aim/prediction, its easy.

his range is amazing... who else has an AOE SILENCE with that kind of range and dmg potential.

the reason people keep feeding with him is cause they try to tank. blitz is a terrible tank... his only tanking ability is a shield that only comes to play when he's at low health and by that point he should be running away anyway...

grab, punch, aoe, melee. overdrive out of there till u can repeat...

its not hard...