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Annie : i dont suck with her

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hmm this guide is going to be written pretty fast so i might leave some ****out. But i will try not to.
EDIT: sorry for all the swearing. I speak two languages :English and Cussin. So ill try to bleep out most of them for u losers

Most of this guide is assuming your gunna solo mid

General Tips about annie:

Annie is a DPS caster. In fact, over a 8 second time window, not many heros can out dps her early - mid game. In my opinion, she is the single best damaging caster in the game. Your going to want to be agressive. Your going to want to know you can probably kill any hero that you go against solo mid by level 6. Of course, there are problem heros, but then again, why would you solo mid against them in the first place?

High Burst Damage / High Spell damage
Does not need many items (very few ap items are needed)
Strong (one of the strongest) solo mid heros
Very short cooldowns
Very Good at One Combo Killing heros

Low mana / mana regen
AP ratio kinda blows
Low attack damage
Harassing is mana dependent, meaning if you arent doing enough damage harassing, you could be in trouble

Skill Build:

get your W skill level 1. Use it 5 times at the fountain so you have a stun. If your team is going to go dragon or golem or lizard or gunna go jack off in the forest, you will need this stun early game. If you are just gunna solo mid because you dont trust your team or w.e., get Q first.

so it should be like
w (q if your soloing mid right off the bat)
q (w if you got Q first)

then just max Q followed by W. Get tibbers at level 11 and 16 and level molten sheild last. Although the extra button to press to proc ur stun is nice, molten sheild hurts annie's overall dps early game. You want to be dps with annie, not crowd control. So dont lower your overall dps just for a few seconds faster stun, especially if you are gunna solo mid, you dig?

^^ anticipate who you are going to solo. When do you plan on killing the hero you are going to solo against? If hes a squishy like teemo, veigar, katarina trist twitch w.e grab two healing potions. If they are a tanky hero, grab one of each. It shouldnt make that much of a difference.

Summoner Spells:
because i dont want to argue, im only going to give you two options. Listen to me or not i dont give a ***

I always get Flash and Ignite. End of story.
however, i will accept Ghost and Ignite.

Thats it.

again im not gunna hold your hand this sh*t doesnt matter to much. If you want my PRO opinion,

RED: Magic Pen all the way
YELLOW: Health / Cd reduction
BLUE: Cooldown Reduction / Magic Pen
QUiNTS: Cooldown Reduction / Health / Magic Pen.

It really shouldnt matter too much. Annie is rape. I play with full cooldown reduction runes because im a GG (good gamer LOL nerrrr).

Always get the magic pen mastery. I personally get 10 in offense (i get the ignite mastery as well)
i get 6 in this just for "strength in spirit"
Utility: 13 in utility, Click mana regen, Regen, Utility, 1 point in cd reduction on blink.

If you prefer ghost, i suggest 9 0 21. But im not gunna hold your [expletive] hand so figure it out yourself.

Items Early Game
Sapphire pendent (the blue mana thing)
2x Healing Potion (or 1 mana one healing)

Items I normally like to get

Starting items (read above)

Magic Pen boots
Tear Of Goddess (if they stack magic resisthaunting guise b4 this)

Tear of Goddess -> archangels OR
Kage's Lucky Pick -- > deathfire (get both, but if the enemy team has alot of high hp chars, get deathfire before arch angels)


Void Stafff

wait...the games still not over?

the rest of the items are pretty situational. Get w.e you think you need. Try to shy away from items that give pure ap. Magic Pen > Cooldown > Ap > Suiciding on annie. Her ap ratio is kinda trash. The execption to this rule is Mejais. I have ocassionaly gotten a mejais after i have more core items, simply because i am doing really good with a few stacks on my leviathon.

Item to avoid :

Rod of Ages

The reason is simple. Although You could swap it out instead of an archangels, i personally find that ever sinse the nerf, catalyst isnt as godly as it used to be. I used to get catalyst to RoA later game, and never really get ArchAngels (aa) but currently, im pretty confident you want Tear of Goddess and leviathon. This lets you never (losse term) run out of mana and u still gain hp after kills.

Zhonyas Ring:
Lol this item sucks on annie. Dont build annie ap its a waste. Magic Pen > Cooldown > ap. Seriously thats how it goes on annie.

Stupid Items:
if your not gunna follow my guide then go attack damage annie. If you are gunna follow my guide, dont get any stupid items like nashor's tooth or attack damage yada yada.

More Tips About Playing annie
You really need to understand annie's playstyle. Play her if you like to solo mid, to do a bunch of damage, to not get hit, to be underestimated. Annie can Carry a game to victory. Laugh at their physical Carries with your crazy burst damage. Laugh at their tanks...jk dont laugh at their tanks too much. You need to be a higher level to kill tanky characters. Magic resist should never be a problem when you play annie, however when combined with high Hp, things can get dicey.

WATCH OUT for When Soloing mid against:

(ask for a lane change if you cant handle these peeps. Its ok)

Kassadin - His silence and slow and teleport can be really ****. Always harass him with spells. and auto attacks. Luckily his hp regen shouldnt be too high, but watch out. You might not be able to handle him when he gets to level 6. This is extremely rare for annie as most heros lose any advantage they had against annie at level 6. If you can, blink towards Kass when he shoots his **** ball silence, then try to kill him in one combo + ignite (+ deathfire ?)

Katarina- Imba *****. Watch out if she has alot of hp regen. Seriously Hp regen on her is pretty redic. You might wanna wait in your lane till your level 5 or 6. Get a stun near your tower, flash in and unload your junk all over her face. Shes going to harass you with her little knife thorw, so stay away from your creeps... stay away from her in general. If you think you can out harass the katarina in the lane (did she grab boots and health potions?) then charge up a stun and do a quick Q W ignite combo early. Keep harassing her untill ignite is back up with tibbers and flash. Try to kill her in one quick combo when shes weak.

Chogoth - annie doesnt havent to solo mid does she? well seriosuly chogoth is a pain because he cant be harassed, and annie has low hp and likes to be feasted on. When laning against him focus on surviving, not harassing. When your ready to kill him, have an ally come and help you because you wont be able to handle a good cho on your own.

Tanks With Magic Resist Runes- These guys are REALLY annoying. It doesnt happen tooooooo often, but when it does, ask for ganks and watch out. When you get to level 6, fire off tibbers and have him harasss the tanks. Tibbers will do alot of harass damage to tanks at level 6, and you can gain some ground back. Combined with CD runes, you should have tibers back +- 70 seconds anyways. Get the most out of harassing with tibbers. It is important to have magic pen runes...

Everyone else should be easy to kill. But heres some things to think about when playing annie:

My Playstyle:

-The ability to kite your opponent's to their own demise is very important. Cast your spells then run. Cast again if they follow. Annie does alot of damage. Dont forget this. If melee characters like evelynn and tryn are foolish enough to follow you, keep casting untill they die.

-Annie is squishy. This is true. However annie is a killer. Annie takes practice only because you need
to know your limits. Annie can do a ton of dps in about an 8-9 second window. If you think you can survive long enough to kill them before they kill you then you should...TANK them. Call it a mind game, call it skill or call it nubbery, sitting there and absorbing some damage only to kill them a few seconds after is a pretty good tactic. Its all about knowing the limits of annie. It takes practice but once you know how long you will survive against said character(s), you can use this to your advantage.

-Short Cooldowns: so what if annie isnt MUCH of an ap character? Magic Pen, short cooldowns and
high base spell damage more than make up for it.

-Remember by level 6, you should be able to flash in ignite + cast and kill any hero that has been harassed and is still foolish enough to stay in lane.

-Annie is great at ganking with a tibbers stun. But make sure you dont lose your mid tower while ganking. You might want to wreck the enemy tower or enmey before recalling to base or ganking.

-Flash. Ignite. I love these **** spells so much. Ignite adds to ur dps early game. YOU CAN FLASH IN AND ONE COMBO KILL ALMOST ANY HERO IN THE GAME IF U DO IT FAST ENOUGH. Enough said. Flash is your freind. Whether your escaping a gank or flashing in and unloading your stun tibbers, it owns. If you dont have them dead in one combo, follow them and cast ignite. or auto attack if they are REALLY low.

-Listen to House Music when you play. Dj Tiesto and you should get a few more kills. THanks for reading if u did, tell me if i forgot anything. Remember, this is a 5v5 guide, with annie being solo mid 95% of the time. the rest your going to have to figure out on your own so good luck and ask questions ill asnwer

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First and dude terrible guide wtf is with you saying only to get ult at lvl 11 and 16 + dj tiesto why dont i go listen to cascada. Jking good guide dice gl with the ACTUAL responses

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because dj tiesto's new album is more pro

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Your spelling owns man.

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I'd rather listen to happy hardcore.

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I don't really agree with avoiding AP on Annie. My item build usually goes something like this -

Amplifying Tome + hp pot
Boots (usually sorc's)
Void Staff
Abyssal Scepter/Lich Bane/Banshee's Veil/something else (depending on how game is going, if it even lasts that far)

I pretty much always get Soulstealer first because it can give you a huge advantage early and mid game if you're successful with your ganks, and end game Annie with almost 700 AP is no joke.

My runes are generally cooldown reduction in blues/reds/quints and health in yellows.

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Senior Member


Um Veigar does things he would get sent to prison for, to annie. Its not even funny...

Late game all he has to do is come out of a bush, stun, deathfire, baleful, the ult her for like 1200. Dead annie.

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Yeah Veigar is insane end game, I feel a nerf coming up next patch.

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Senior Member


I like most of what you have to say.

one thing that should be added to cons is, her spells have fairly short range for a pure casters. Annie needs to get up fairly close for incinerate, and even tibbers.
Her auto attack is long range, but has a very slow animation.

Your build CD/mp/ap or mp>CD>ap is definitely correct for her. her ap ratios are bad.

Not sure I agree with ignite being all that great for her. she already does a ton of damage.
dis/incin/tibbers/dis again will pretty much kill anyone 1v1, and do a ton of aoe damage. Especially if you have decent CD reduction, ignite does't really add much. I would rather something more utility useful. Teleport, clairvoyance to avoid any unhealthy situation.

Your item build is mana-damage of course. Your hp would then stay fairly low. One of the main reasons people go RoA is that extra hp to make sure you have enough hp to do your full chain.

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I prefer leviathon over RoA. Because early game your almost guaranteed kills anyways. Ignite has done more for me than any other spell with annie. +once they buff it theyll be no reason not to get it.