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Low elo jungling on Evelynn

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So this is my first guide and I would like to do it on a hero I have had alot of success on lately .
But this success has come in solo queue non ranked fives so i don't really want to hear the story of how bad she is in the current metagame

1 Intro
2 Why?
3 Abilties
4 Items/Runes
4 Jungle Patern

1. Introduction
This guide is to put down ideas for you to follow because i find building the same thing for the hero and not the people you are against doesn't work. I personally enjoy AP or Tank Evelynn but the trees inside those builds vary.

2. Why
I have found Evelynn to be my favorite jungler not because shes fast but because the ease there is when it comes to ganking. Often i find when i lane on Eve i get under leveled Because i want to kill the person im laneing against so badly but when i jungle i keep pace with everyone when im just jungling and will out level them if my ganks go smoothly.
My play style is to put the enemy team down to the point where im not eve needed anymore with ganks and killing them with oracles that hapends before the 25 minute mark and i pick up an easy win

3. Abilities

Determined killer
You will hardly notice this. The only real time i find it usefull is when you gank and creeps attack you since it doesn't effect the jungle

This spell is key for ganking heros with low mobility such as (Annie)
Open with this and it stuns bolth targets

Shadow walk
Her stealth Should be fully ranked last
Watch the timer hate it when you fade in the group of them

This spell is key for ganking high mobility heros like ezreal or vlad

Malice and Spite
Map awareness will help alot if your top lane has a sure kill on there hands use it it cost 0 mana and will refresh

Choose what you want to build and rank on eve based on the oposing team if they have a ashe who isnt build any health i suggest strait AP but if she has a banshees get a rylais instead

4. There are 4 ways to build Eve with many trees inside them :
Ap you have a healthy RoA and Rylais build or you Archangles with a lichbane build 9 (alot of guides will tell you DFG is omni but i dont like it because it doesnt stun out of stealth and ravage clashes with it )

AD i personly disaprove of strait ad because i dont understand it hate spike will doesnt interrupt you auto attack so being hybrid give you the best of bolth of those also lichbane is a 1:1 nuke trinity force is only your base

Hybrid Not bad idea not as much burst as Ap but enough sustained so if your not getting auto focused it works Hextechs will keep you up i dont recomend getting nashors or rageblade as you have ultimate for attack speed

Off Tank I used to like this because you rarely get real tank in the games i play and havign another damage hero isnt helping so getting and items like aegis of the legion and reverie will help you support you team ( it seems to be a trend to focus eve no matter what so build tank and letting others deal the damage is amazingly effective)

This is where alot of contreversy starts reading other guides i hear gold per 10 quint or exp bonus but i personally dislike the utility quints

I use flat HP Quints Fortitude
Hp per lvl Seals Vitality can be flat for easier jungling
Ap per lvl Glyphs Force " "
MP Marks Insight

4.2 Masteries are centered around jungling
Making sure to take improved smite, veterans scare and utility mastery

4.3 summoner spells are pretty much a given

and a pool of ignite rally heal teleport
you have enough burst to not need exhaust or ghost so i choose ignite to gank at low lvls

5. My jungle patern is farely basic
Cloth armour 5 potions

Start at wraiths and smite the blue one
Potion between camps

Wolfs Try to make hatespike focus the big one then take the one lower
potion and wait for smite to be at 11 seconds

Golem This can be tricky depending on your runes pull the golem away enough so hate spike will only hit him and 1 lizard make sure to keep a potion up and sometimes if your unlucky you will have to ignite him

After golem check your lanes if anyone is below half hp on the enemy team Depending on there summoner spells head there . I will normally ask my mid to harras if there a strong hero you should pick up first blood and then smite will be up

Depending if they have a jungler go to there sides wraiths or your sides golems smite the big one

After that Recall and buy your choice between 5 speeds ( if you want to gank) or wrigles ( If you want to lizard then take there golem and then gank )

after that its pretty much your choice on where to gank and when to gank make sure to stay posted on wards and oracles if someone does get oracles take you mid solo with you and gank them they should be down that gold and then your team should be able to outlane them.

Evelynn Relies on putting the enemy team down because she is easily put down herself so you will vary rarely be harrased when starting at wraiths so theres no real time where you will be put down in the jungle unless your ganks go horribly wrong