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[SUGGESTION] AI bots for AFKing

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I was playing Left 4 dead 2, and saw the take a break button where you could afk a few and have an AI bot take control of your character, In Lol something like this could be negative but could work in some cases

Like for example, have AI take control of the AFKer for 2-4 minutes and if the afker hasnt come back after the timer he gets disconected or something that Lol usually does when a player is inactive.

the bots could have an AI programed to either just defend turrets with nearby enemy creeps or just farm and run when enemy players are nearby on the minimap or maybe play support for a random team player where he would help him using his assist spells.

the main purposes would be:
-the player afking not underleveling
-the team not being punished that much from an afker
-being able to take short breaks when really needed, let's face it Lol is a very time demanding game where once you start you must stay till the end and most games games take as long as 1 hour.

just my opinion

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The downsides are:

AI is horrible as far as skill goes. Ganker characters on the enemy team with stuns such as Ashe would make quick work of the sub-standard AI. And also, it's added incentive for people to slack off periodically since it makes it less obvious. Unless there was a system that said, "Player TehSoli has gone AFK. Initiate AI system?"

Then a vote bar would come up. That way, if you guys are comfortable in the game, you can let AI take over, but if you aren't, you don't have to risk it.

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Honestly, I wish there were a good way to do something like this,but my fear is that it will just make things worse.

I have been in several games where there is a player sitting in the respawn area the WHOLE time. By adding an AFK AI BOT, these worthless idiots would appear to be playing. The person was active enough (or macroed enough) to select all the pregame components to establish themselves in the game, but then could not seem to do anything but stand there.

So, adding an AFK option, means they will start moving there character, select AFK, and wait for the next chence to appear.

I still say a good portion of these dweebs are playing a character on the oppising side in the same game.

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If they implimented the current (rather stupid) AI bots, they would feed the other team thus being WORSE than a leaver