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Stealth is not the problem

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The Eve QQ is delicous

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this idea gets bandied about like it's a novel concept. but there's been junglers since day 1

you already have to be super defensive

Way to ignore the majority of my post. And junglers aren't forcing you to play defensive because of 1 ability, you play defensive because they are MIA. They are MIA because they are jungling. If someone sees a jungler fail a gank and then go back into his jungle, you will know his general vicinity. You'll have some warning that they are coming because of your vision range.

Eve has just one ability that completely changes how my team plays, and no I'm not jumping on some bandwagon by saying that...I've thought this for a VERY long time. Once she hits stealth, everyone on the other team starts playing super defensive. Tell me, who else has a non-stealth ability that, when activated, forces everyone to completely change their play styles? The only ability that comes to mind is TF's ult-but that's an ult, and you can clearly see where he'll appear, allowing you to avoid him.

You'll never see where Eve is going without spending a LOT of gold to stop her. If I want to effectively prevent her ganking early game, I'll want AT LEAST 4 wards for a total of 600 gold...an oracles would be nice, but it's expensive and quite frankly too risky. Her stun isn't what makes me want to buy her all of that, it's the stealth.

Think of it this way: try removing the stealth, and try removing the stun, and think of which one would affect the game more.

If we remove her stun, people are STILL going to be force to play defensive because of one ability (which I will point out again, that while a jungler does make you play defensive, it's not because of one ability-it's because he's not in a lane. Eve could very well be in your lane and you won't even know it). So then instead of her initiating a gank with her stun, Sion uses his stun, or Shen uses his taunt...there are plenty of others who could start that fight. Eve puts in her part. You end up dead before you can move even without her stun.

If we remove stealth, we see her walking towards us from the brush. We walk away. Wow, that was scary! She walked towards us! Too bad she couldn't close that gap without us realizing it.

Without stealth, she loses most of the fear factor she brings with her Knowing she could be standing right beside you without you realizing it is scary, and if anyone in the lane CC's you, you're going to die because you didn't know Eve was there.

Still don't think stealth is a problem? Name any champion. ANY champion.

Now give them stealth. ****, they just got a lot scarier didn't they? Even one who lacks CC would still be scary, so long as they gank properly. Morde comes out of stealth, his ally stuns you, now you are ignited, ulted, and at 1/4 health before you could even move.

Whether you like it or not, stealth plays a HUGE factor in this game. It's too big. If you were to give stealth to ANY champion, they're going to get a LOT scarier.

Still don't believe me? Let's try giving CC to a character who lacks it. According to you, stun is the problem. Thus, Stun should make someone without CC a whole lot better.

Ok Morde, your Q now stuns all targets for 1.5 seconds. While it does make him stronger, it doesn't freak out an entire enemy team. Everyone knows where he is. If he's MIA, they don't worry about him nearly as much as they would Eve, because they will literally see him coming. You won't see Eve coming unless you spend a LOT of gold to do so-gold which will set back your build quite a bit. Morde won't set your build back like Eve will.

I doubt you're even going to bother reading/replying to this post. You didn't even address the entirety of my small post, so I think I'm done here.

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dude if you're still dying to eve after her stun is removed then you're just bad. if you died to her 1v1 you were running around low health. if you died 2v1 then you were in range to be ganked despite knowing there is an MIA.

the same thing could have happened to you with ANY jungler because they would have CC'd you