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Heimer can (and always has been able to) single-handedly dominate a lane. His turrets protect him from harassment, ganks, and minions, and are nearly impossible to take out until level 10+. I've seen several matches where Heimer is 18 with the rest of the players around 13. You know there's a problem when I fear a nest of Heimer's turrets more than an inhibitor tower. A simple fix would be to limit the amount of turrets he can place, and/or make them despawn if he gets a certain distance away from them.

His rockets are a problem as well. Any passive ability that does huge damage to multiple champions from an extreme range is going to cause a problem. There needs to be some element of skill involved in using his rockets, and the range needs a major nerf.

His grenade is fine. It's pretty powerful compared to other skillshots but its slow as well. The only fix is to make it not damage towers, like every other skillshot in the game (besides Twitch).

He's not brutally overpowered, but he is extremely frustrating to play against.

are you serious? why not deleting the character all together? uau! you basically want to nerf every single skill he has and make him useless, is that how you see the other champs? why not nerf every other champ to make them useless?

the only way heimer to be at lvl 18 and the others at 13 is if hes soloing on some lane, and any other champ soloing a lane will level up faster than others... also you are completely forgeting how champs are built, heimer doesn't start at level one with 6 turrets, overpowered multi target rockets and crazy grenades, a good heimer will choose only one path at a time, so if you are afraid of his turrets then there's nothing to be afraid of his rockets and nades, and so on...

his rockets only do damage up to 3 targets when maxed out, his granades a stupid slow, if you are hit by one then its your fault and thats the reason they do both stun and blind, because they will one stun you if you get it in the center of the nade explosion, if not, they will just blind you, what a problem huh!?

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Heimer is decent right now if you are a pro with the grenade but his success is so heavily based on one of the hardest skill shots in the game. I think turrets are still poorly implemented since they encourage turret traps and contribute nothing to mobile team fights and like I keep saying in every thread, he really doesn't need two entire skills devoted to turrets.

In a team fight as Heimer, you do the following - Try to get that perfect grenade off, rockets and drop a turret+Ulti and then.. auto attack. He needs a third active skill.

Personally I think Turret + Upgrade should be rolled into the same skill, probably the Ulti itself, and just have it be a mean badass turret he can drop during a team fight to pump out consistent damage + Armor/MR debuff.

The thing that makes him stupid in a lane are turret farms. These need to be discouraged and/or limited. Id be fine if he could only have one bad ass turret up at a time rather than having to stack 3+ to make a real threat. The rockets are a great harass tool but the cooldown is long enough that the opposing player has plenty of chance to harass back and play aggressive... provided there aren't 4 turrets in a brush or by a tower.

ONE turret skill please, not two.
Limit turrets to 1/1/2/2/3 at most.. one turret should be strong enough, its all you get in a team fight which is what matters in this game.
New active Q and/or R
Leave Grenade as a tough but powerful skill shot
Rockets are fine they give him a small niche.

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Twitch can wipe 5 heimers in a row!
I'd love if they could have one super strong turret instead of turret farms, and that they wouldn't disappear if you died, its not like you could reposition the turret every 5 secs for a mobile group anyway! Even if you died, its not like a cannonball field which could be anywhere in the map! It'd still be stationary!

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For all you idiots who cant kill hiem for what ever reason, There is now a new build which give Hiem turrents at lvl 12 so he can max out the other two first. Lower damage, Easy kill, just looks at you when your hitting him. These Builds are so call DPS builds which i mock them for doing every time they try to use it.

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Wow are you tripping on acid? Heimer is only OP When he sits at his turrents just harass him till he gets to his turrents and when he starts a new base destroy it before it gets to big. He does slow controled pushes and plus if he dies all turrents die.