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Item Build Consideration

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Hey everyone. I wanted to talk out about something here.

Even though we have five billion guides, let's say you are in a game, that everyone picks carries and you have to play Karthus or something. You don't really have the time to come all the way to the forums, to the Guide & Strategy section and read everything about the champion. And sometimes the recommended build doesn't work that well, Tristana is a live example of that.

I usually have the bad habit to go towards regen items like Philosopher's Stone while it isn't always the best decision for the champion at hand.

So, what do everyone here consider before buying items for a hero?

Base IAS?
Hit Points or Mana Points?
Attack Animation?
Movement Speed?

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Well this happened to me the other day, I was playing Katarina, but i was looking at Amumu's information on the pick a character page, and it made me pick Amumu.

I had no idea what to pick. So I looked at his skills, most of them were 80+ (0) magic damage, so AP was a good start I figured, so was mana regen. I also saw he had good tank ability, so I went with Warmogs so I could get in the fight and do some DoT.