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Teemo questions

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Junior Member


From browsing the forum it turns out that in mid to high ELO games, DPS Teemo > AP Teemo. But this seems strange to me since Teemo has no abilities that have any synergy with DPS items, while he has 3 abilities that benefit from AP. So I have a few questions which are aimed at finding out why DPS Teemo is good even though DPS items have zero synergy with his abilities.

1) Does Teemo have some good lvl1 stats or natural stat growth that make him somehow suitable to be a good DPSer?

2) Are DPS items just better in the sense that they give much better boosts for the money invested compared to AP items?

3) Are DPS items so good because damage, attackspeed, critchance, critdamage, armor penetration all stack multiplicatively, while there are no cost-effective items that combine multiplicative bonuses for ability effectiveness? Keep in mind that all those things also stack multiplicatively with debuffs like The Black Cleaver effect.

4) (somewhat unrelated) Could it be good to build a support Teemo (aura build - aegis/soul shroud/starks), or is this not viable since he has to roam so much to lay shrooms everywhere?

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You forget that ability synergy works more than one way. An AP-Teemo uses blinding dart as a nuke; a DPS Teemo uses it as a disable and peppers them with autoattack and poison. Move Quick allows for excellent chasing, and then shrooms can be used as scouts and impromptu slowbombs (laying them directly under an enemy champ - it's surprisingly aggravating).

However, I'm not really sure why I never see AP Teemo. He's got **** good ratios (0.8 for shrooms and dart, 0.75 for poison) and Move Quick allows for great hit and runs. Cooldowns aren't the lowest, but I've seen worse...

Maybe the bottom line is that AP Teemo can't contribute as much to a team battle. He's got good burst, and laying a shroom in the middle of a fight will cause nasty surprises, but DPS Teemo will probably do more harm.

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Felix Akasaka



With my item build for dps teemo, I get to around 2.2 att/sec, ~240-300 damage, 15-40% lifesteal, ~50-75% crit. (Depends on the order of dancers/edge/bt) + madred's bloodrazor unique.

It hurts. It compares with Yi on dps maybe, but being able to blind + dropping a shroom helps a ton. AP depends a lot on people walking onto mushrooms. A lot.