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Amumu Runes

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For sure, Amumu is all about assist tank trying to be a killer is pointless. Even though I finally found my perfect gear.

Sunfire Cape
Frozen Heart
Mercury Treads
Lich Bane

Anything else is just icing like maybe Spirit Visage or something. If I do it right I can have the treads and cape by lvl 13..ish and the lich by 17. The frozen heart and lich can be substituted though depending on who you are up against though generally the lich is preferred. The ability power is just sexy.

I did find focusing on ability power while not doing **** for your ult or despair helps with your tantrum which because of its cool down properties in a fight becomes spammable so you can output huge damage. I have fought off and killed upwards of 3-4 champs at a time when being rushed and killed them all by slamming my ult and using my temper and any that hang on or try to run with the ability power you can make your bandage do upwards of 500 damage wich is significant :P