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Help with TF's items

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I recently started playing TF, and have been rocking pretty hard with him. Goldcards from every orfice, wild cards onto stunned people, destiny+gate everywhere, amazing farming, great AOE in team fights with wild card, etc, all gravy.

But I run into problems with his item build, and get totally confused about what to get with him.

Here's my item build:

Lvl 1: Regen bead, faerie charm, hp pot
Lvl 5-8: Tier 1 boots, Sheen
Onwards, either finish Haunting Guise first or get tier 2 boots (zerkers or treads, depending on enemy composition)
Then, Lichbane.

All pretty standard. After Lichbane, I go for a Guinsoo's Rageblade for atkspd, damage, AP and bonus AP: everything CM needs.

And then here's where I get stuck. At this point, with Guise, Zerker/Merc, Lichbane, Guinsoo, I've got about 140ish attack damage and 125 AP. Still very squishy, but generally I'm the team's carry at this point, dishing out gold cards and wild cards, ganking, pushing lanes, farming like mad, killing, etc.

But what items should I go from here? 125 AP isn't a massive amount, but items like Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's Ring are very very far away at this point. I'm also squishy so the ability to last a bit longer is an option too.

Options I've tried before are: Void Staff (the magic pen one), Brutalizer, 2nd Rageblade (do those effects stack? I have no idea), Zhonya's (expensive and hard to save towards, plus doesn't help attack enough)

tldr: How is my itembuild and what more do I need?

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too early on lichbane, if you're that good, get a mejaj. only need 5 charges on it to make it worth buying.

your build doesn't seem to benefit much from attack speed to be honest. after lichbane, most go for a banshee's veil or something.

abyssal is okay for you since your build stack mr penetration. i'd get sorc boots over berserker since you are using lichbane and ap build.

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Senior Member


First, are you playing AP, DPS or a mix of both? Why would you get Zerk Boots if your playing AP Twisted Fate? This build works for me, try it out.

Start off with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 health pots, take solo mid.

The first time you recall home, you should be at level six and be able to complete your Sheen.

Now, with gate and Destiny, you can start ganking. At around level seven or eight, you should have at least 2 kills and hopefully 0 deaths, assists are fine. Get your Sorc Boots.

Next, farm in lanes and always participate in team ganks, at around level ten, recall home and get your soulstealer.

Now, completely hold out farming and start finding squishy heroes to gank as you need to build up stacks for your soulstealer. At 20 stacks, you get an extra 200 AP and your cooldowns are reduced.

Hopefully, with all the ganking, you should have at least 5 stacks, and farmed up enough to get your Void Staff. The 40% magic pen and extra mana is very very helpful.

Now comes the time to upgrade your sheen to a Lich Bane, by the time you upgrade your Lich Bane, you should be at level sixteen AT LEAST with all the ganking you have done. Imagine, you just activated Pick A Card, Lich Bane Procs and with your ability power bonus from the stacks from the Soulstealer, you will be doing at LEAST over 500 damage with your gold card, and not to mention the magic pen your boots and void staff give you.

Don't even get me started on Wild Cards.

So yeah the fifth item i usually get is either Rod of Ages or Zhonya's Ring, but hey whatever works for you.

The last item, if the game even lasts that long, should be a survival item. Your incredibly hard to gank, but that dosen't mean you are incredible difficult to kill. Twisted fate is very squishy. Get a banshee's veil if there are more spellcasters or Warmog's armour if they have carries / dpsers.

Hope my advice helped you, this is my build on an AP twisted fate of course. Good luck in your future matches.

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Thanks for the help! I think my build on TF so far has been a hybrid DPS/AP, starting with AP and branching out into DPS after I get Lichbane. I'll give the early soulstealer a try and see how that works.

And yes, Sheen/Lichbane is plain savage with Pick a Card.