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Swift and deadly clown

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Why so serious ?? Easy to be fast and deadly !
Shaco is one of the most annoying assasin hero, i`ll show you a item build I use and the way I build my spell.

I start the game by getting boot, 1hp pot and 1mana pot all that with 2 shiv.

Try laning bot or top for the bushes you easily have a 1st blood if your fast and know how to melee harass hero.

For the item build I do that I get boot of mobility-Philosopher stone-Phantom Dancer-malady-Infite edge. The last item it depend on the other hero if the have a mundo get Executioner`s calling or if the have a tank that got lot of armor get Last whisper. so basicly last item depend on the game and if you want more dmg get a item that give you more ^^

Now for the skill build. lvl.1 2shiv- lvl2.Deceive-lvl3.2shiv-lvl4.deceive.-lvl5.2shiv-lvl6.ult-lvl7.2shiv-lvl8. Deceive-lvl9.2shiv-lvl10.deceive.-lvl11.ult-lvl12.Deceive from lvl 13 to level 18 its Jack in the box and you finish your ult

Some people take at least one point in Jack in the box its not a bad idea but I dont like to get it soon.

When you got Jack in the box at level 13 you can start using it ^^ Start the fight by using deceive behind your ennemie while stealthed use Jack in the box then quickly attack, Jack pop fear them for 1 sec so you can get a bit more dmg on them.

thats it for this build i`ll maybe post a way to fight with im in early game and what summoner spell you get for im.

And yes that build mostly focus on speeding up shaco early.