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Too square?

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So here are a few thoughts of my own about the front-end of the game. Feel free to post any approvals or disapprovals of my thoughts.

1. All of the corners and square-shaped buttons makes the game feel kind of outdated from just the interface. Rounding it off might make it feel cleaner and possibly add some shading underneath to add to the effect.

2. All of the outdated rock effects along the interface makes the game feel its old. Of course that isn't the case as you can see when you actually start but if it(rock effects) looked more realistic then I probably wouldn't mind as much. This rock effect also goes into in-game HUD too which gives it the oudated feel too but this isn't the right forum for that.

3. It would be nice to be able to hide the search feature of the champion picking. All of these "easy to pickup and play" interfaces are looking too busy. Perhaps all of these custom options to "sort by" and "find" should be hidden off the side of the screen and a bubble saying "open here to search and sort champions" with the option of turning off these help bubbles in the menu. I believe Google did it right when their webpage was simple on the front end, but could be more useful if you needed to(which I often don't need it to).

I would also like to know if the Devs ever plan to do a complete overhaul of the look and feel of the interface after the game is released? Or if it is going to stay like however they decided on the release date? Customization would be nice too of course but yeah.. their choice again.

Of course my emphasis for this thread is that I want everything to be clean and simple. Sometimes trying to make something "easier to learn" will just add to the confusion.