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My Guide to Janna

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Item list:
1. Meki pendant with one mana and one health potion
2. Rod of Ages
3. Rylais Specter
4. Deathfire Grasp
5.never get this far just build health so your not so squishy or armor/magic resist just stuff to stay alive.

Summoner Spells: Heal and Clarity. Heal can be switched but clarity will help you spam you moves and give tanks well needed mana.

If with carry start with shield to make sure they dont die then if not start with Whirlwind.


Try to lane with someone who has a stun or slow. I like to lane with tanks like Alistar or Chogoth because they have nice stuns. Dont lane middle unless your soloin because Janna is squishy and can be killed easy if not careful.

Extra tips:
USE YOUR ULT. Its CD is very short and its a great ult. Use it to lane longer, knockback heroes to save self or allies, cancel ults like Nunus and Ashes plus many more, and push lanes when other team is done. Be careful it can get your team mad if you lose them kills.

Be careful but keep your team alive your support and while you can do damage you can die much easier then most people.

Use your Whirlwind. This moves hurts very bad if used alot but stay at the very edge of range because its very easy to see and hear it coming and if you do it to close enemy can move. Also use it to stop chasing and to stop chased enemy's from runnings. Its stun is short but very awesome.

Dont be afarid to kill towers when ya get the chance your might not do alot of physical damage but with your shield you can kill towers quite well. Also your shield can stop things like Viegar's stun and Anivia's ice wall.

Your Zephyr has good range and is very easy to use near a tower and get back before being shot at.

This is my guide to Janna take it or leave it lol

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Bit outdated, but this: http://www.leagueoflegends-wiki.com/lol/champions/janna-windforce---the-avatar-of-air/janna---full-support---by-ryuujinx

She scales decently with AP, but she's better used as an aura ***** imo.

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It seems I play Janna very different than you. I usually do this:

1) Doran's Ring + mana potion
2) Chalice
3) Sorcerer's Boots
4) Mejai's Soulstealer (a must-have)
5) Rod of Ages
6) Other AP item or defensive item if needed.

Summoner Spells: Ghost (a must-have) and Ignite/Exhaust/Clarity (i switch it up, not sure which one i like best)

This is the order of importance of skills = Zephyr, Ulti, Shield, Whirlwind. I always get Shield at lvl 1, whirlwind at lvl 2, then focus on maxing out zephyr.

Heres where I differ the most from your guide. It seems you like to put a lot of levels into whirlwind and spam it a lot for the damage. However, whirlwind really doesn't need to go beyond level 1 for the first half of the game. For me, the purpose of this spell is to knock an enemy up in the air so I can attack with zephyr which slows them, then basic attack with bonus damage from shield. The damage from the whirlwind is only minor. Whirlwind is a pretty easy spell to dodge especially if you just spam it all the time and the other team knows its coming.

The great thing about maxing out zephyr first is the move speed!! Janna is the fastest (base movespeed) character in the game. This means that with ghost you move ridiculously fast. Not only that but you can slow the enemy down at the same time with zephyr. This means if being chased you will always get away (unless stunned) and if chasing someone you will always catch them.

I play very aggressively with Janna. After getting chalice, I too tend to spam whirlwind, especially in team fights, then shield myself and rush in with a zephyr. With AP from mejais, your lvl 1 whirlwind can be doing 300+ damage anyways if you let it charge.

Another extremely important skill to use with janna is when getting chased, place a whirlwind on the ground and shoot it off immediately to knock any enemies following/attacking you up into the air (notice you still only need lvl 1 whirlwind to do this). You will almost always get away after this.

Last, but not least, you seem to think Janna is easy to kill. Frankly thats just plain wrong. Every single one of Janna's skills can be used defensively. Even if you are getting ganked by 3 enemies with no allies to help you out, heres what you do: If they are already attacking you in melee range, pop your ulti just for the knockback, then put shield up, drop a whirlwind and start running. As soon as the enemy follows you just activate the whirlwind and shoot them up into the air. Janna is so fast that by this time you should be very far away. This may seem like a waste of an ult but trust me its not. The ulti has a fairly low cooldown and its only purpose is to save you or allies anyways. However, beware of towers early game.

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It seems I play Janna very different than you. I usually do this:

I can see this and it is a good way to play i admit. But it also depends on how you play i play full support which by that i mean i just try to keep my team alive as best i can and let them do the ass kicking for me. And what i mean by easy to kill is her reagular health is low and squishy you are right shes easy to escape with but that does not go away from the fact that she is easy to kill. Also i find that i usally hit my mark with whirlwind even when they know about 60% of the time. I do agree with the shield but i get stuck laning with people who never take advantage of it so i dont use it first. If have a good player i wil i should pro bput in my guild that i carry my skills based on enemy team set up and allied team setup. I will say that your way can be used quite well to. But everyone plays different. And if you read my extras segment you would see i said almost the same thing about getting away with her abilities.

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As Janna I use Soul Shroud and Aegis of the Legion