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Imbalanced Normal Queue

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Hi I just came on these forums to say that I think the way matchmaking is handled is poorly, rankwise. I am a level 15, searching with a level 18 friend. Whenever I get raped (not just lose, raped) by someone on the other team I find out that it is a fully runed/full masteries level 30 carrying their team that went in with a low level friend. This happens about 1/4 of my games and kind of dicsourages me of even playing the game. Arranged team searching seems to look for opponents at the 50% margin of the levels, or even less. I feel it should be at the 75% or 80% margin.

i.e., If a level 30 goes in with a level 1, they should play level 22-23 opponents.
If a level 30 goes in with a level 10, they should play level 25ish opponents, and so on.

I hope this is considered, and has probably been brought up before. Don't flame me for that reason, because the more it is brought to Riot's attention means the more chance they have of doing something about it.