How To Gain Elo As Support

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Hey All,

Everyday in League of Legends people hit accept in their ranked match only to get 5th pick. "Ugh, I can't support," they quickly say. A majority of the people accept their role and play something that they do not like expecting to lose. I'd say about 60% of the people playing support want to be playing another role. The best way to exploit this weakness is to play to the best of your ability when you get the support role. Assuming you're playing better than your counterpart, you will win the majority of your games.

Often overlooked is how the support is the main reason for victories in bottom lane rather than the AD carry. Supports create plays, warn the ADC of potential ganks, and establish vision for your team while taking away the enemies'. This establishes map control which is essential to victory in League of Legends.

I won't go into all the details on how to do this here, but there are lots of little techniques that people can learn to be better players in each and every lane. Each day I stream at teaching people how to improve and become better support players themselves. My main account has reached Platinum 4, and I am exclusively playing support (unless someone above me picks it) showing the world that you can gain rank by playing the least popular role well. On this new account I have gone from Silver 3 to Gold 2 by only playing Janna, Sona, and Nami.

Good luck to everyone attempting to gain rank, and I hope you'll stop by and check out my stream!

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Funny enough, I hopped on the forums to look for guides or tips on how to become a better support, seeing as it's what I main and pretty much anytime I duo-q with anyone I always support.

Though your post really isn't very helpful, it's more of an advertisement for your stream.. but seeing as you stream supports I'm sure watching it could be beneficial, but written textual tips and pointers would be a lot more beneficial as well. :3

Goodluck in your streaming, and feel free to add me if you ever want someone to tutor in the ways of OP support. IGN is Lishy.