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[Guide] Nasus, Doggy stye

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Lovely Dolphin

Senior Member



HP: 410 +90/lvl
Mana: 200 +45/lvl
Speed: 320
Armor : 16 +3.5/lvl
Magic Resist:: 30 +1.25/lvl
Atk range: 110

Pretty easy to play and newb friendly as well.
Strong single target burst with SS+sheen combo
Decent tankability
Fairly easy to farm gold
Starts with a run speed higher than most champs

has no "hard disable"
no escape moves when in a outnumbered gank with tons of cc


Mark of desolation(Armor penetration)
Seal (Dodge or armor)
Glyph (Magic resist)
Quint (HP or Movement speed)

Get dodge if you can or if you dont want to pay 820ip per rune, you can go armor for 205ip each. Summoner skill
Ghost (must have) to chase down a fast champ with avatar of death or to flee from a gank

Teleport (Do not buy hp or mana regen items if u get this).

Smite if no one in your team is jungling and u can get golems/lizards early. Not
recommended for beginners


Starting items
Sapphire Crystal
2x Hp potions

Recommended items
Sapphire -> Sheen(get this asap after u have a normal boot)
Boots -> Mercury threads if they are debuff heavy like Cardmaster/teemo/Morganna
-> Ninja Tabi, if they are physical dmg heavy like yi
-> Boots of Swiftness

Ruby -> Heart of gold (Good against heavy physical dpsers, get 2 if dmg is really high)
->Catalyst -> Banshee's Veil (Good against Blitzcrank/shrooms/casters in general)
->Phage->Trinity Force (Good in general)
->Aegis of the legion (if your team sticks together alot and no one has it)

When it is unclear what you should go for, you cant go wrong with a ruby crystal if u have gold to spare

Black Cleaver if you dun need the extra tankabilty more than you need dps.
Executioners calling if they have good heals like Mundo or Soraka


Soul Eater: 10%/15%/20% lifesteal on attack

Siphoning strike:
Cost 20/25/30/35/40
Deals an additional ??? on next hit, increase the damage of future siphoning strikes permanantly by 2 if it lands a killing blow.

Cost 100 mana at all levels
Slow the target's attack and movement speed by 32% and an additional 3/6/9/12/15% per sec. Lasts 5 secs

Spirit Fire:
Cost 70/85/100/115/130 mana
Deals 20/34/48/62/76 damage per sec and reduce armor by 20/25/30/35/40 in an AoE

Fury of the Sands:
Costs 150 Mana

Skills order

1.If you have a high chance of a team fight at lvl 1. Get wither instead of SS 1st

Dont have to put more than 1 pt into wither until the last as the skill is good for 1 lvl and the increase in effect is small. I advise not to max out SS early as it increases the mana cost. Extra damage is overkill for the minions.

Early/Laning phase

Try to get in as many hits into the minion as possible for your lifesteal passive. 10% of 60 damage is a free 6hp to take. Ss last hit whenever u can.

If your opponent dun have high regen ability/items(not considering hp pots). Feel free to hit them up with a SS if they come near you. Especially when your minion is on low hp, they will try to last hit. You should punish them so for their greed. If you have sheen, its like 250+ damage for 25 mana.

If your opponent are those early harassers like teemo. You have to play defensively and use Spirit Fire to farm. Against goldspam cardmaster, u can still go in and farm just after he uses his gold card. Since he needs 5 secs for it to cd and about 2 secs to "pick" a gold card. If he doesnt back off, you can let him taste a SS+sheen combo

When you have sheen and you have minions tanking turrets. You should go in and SS their turret as it deals good burst every once in a while.

A level 4 or 5 spirit fire takes out the back row of minion by itself and half the hp of front row minion. Use it to take out minions quickly

Mid-Late game
Aka Gank stage, as soon as u see fight going, use Ss even if you are like 1000 range away. This procs sheen sooner and so it can cooldown faster for a second one. U can hit them once with SS and cast another spell asap for another sheen.

When in Avatar of Death form u gain a hp boost and constantly deal damage to those around you. You should hit the enemy once, anticipate where the enemy is going and move towards that direction for about 1 sec then hit instead of just right clicking him. This keeps him in your aura of death as much as possible.

When you have ghost, its pretty impossible for them to run away from your aura. Ghost is pretty useful when u are waiting for that wither to cd or chasing that Udyr

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Lovely Dolphin

Senior Member


Reserved, will continue it some time later. spell style wrong..