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My wishes for christmas

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- fixed EU servers (lags every evening, disconnects from PVP.net every night)
- moderation in the German forums (it's Zenon only, that's not enough, by far)
- old legendaries reworked

I just want to express that the situation in the German forums and the EU-servers is tremendous. Zenon might be doing his job, but it isn't enough, by far. Threads deserving attention pop up and are pushed away by trollthreads almost the same day.

One of the highest-rated threads in the German forums had to be pushed for weeks until we got a reaction out of Riot. Since I don't know, what Zenon has to do besides being the forum's only moderator, but it seems to be to much. There should be a second person to keep the forum clean, the "thumb-system" isn't working at all. A trollpost will get upvotes just because "he's funny lol" though it pollutes the forum and does not belong there. It's hardly possible to get enough sane people to downvote those threads so they're closed.

It's sad that there can be answers on topics like "Evelin AP or AD lol" (yes, that was how he spelled Evelynn) while other, more important topics remain unanswered, leaving the community unaware, whether it was read and is getting reported to the corresponding Riot members or it's just ignored.

Next wish would be functional servers. Servers are lagging almost every 2nd or 3rd evening. It's wednesday morning, 5:00 am in Germany right now. I played a few matches 2 hours ago, the servers were lagging. About an hour later, PVP.net disconnected and I have yet to be able to reconnect. How is it even possible that servers lag and/or disconnect at a time like this?

Please, don't leave us German players alone.

Coming right to my next complaint (yay). The thread with one of the highest rating ever in the German forums (210 or such, lol at the numbers over here) was about old legendary skins like Magnificent Twisted Fate and Red Baron Corki.

I'll cut this short, but please Riot, rework those two skins to make them more legendary. After weeks of pushing, Zenon told us that you won't rework the skins, but you'll make sure the new skins have all the criteria you told us, legendary skins would have. That's a harsh answer and I just hope that you'll change your minds. Please.

Happy christmas and happy gaming everybody