Dear Almighty Riot

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Dear Riot

I enjoy all the effort you guys have put into punishing leavers and ect. But please it would be nice if you guys could understand that this game has over 100 glitch's here and there and sometimes us non leavers just have to que jump a ranked..

On that note if anyone ever had the glitch where you can't change your mastery's (on that note i love the new mastery system they did add to help this) But yes you can't change your mastery's or your summoner spells because it is like lagging hard or once you enter the game your screen is stuck on the summoner spell thing because of strange lag with the client

So please Riot as much as everyone loves the new champs it is great can we please get some of these bugs dealt with.

So everyone who reads this thread + this thread up if you ever have had a glitch ruin a game for you or make you have to que dodge a ranked game because of a random glitch made you.