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[Champion Suggestion] If you want a Spy champion (not asassin)

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Ok this was my Idea:
-in Metagame it should be a Spy/Supporter; not the classic i heal you and increase your stats blabla lame supporter but an more evil combo-fun supporter. On the other hand he should be an spy because the game hasnt got any of these. remember he´s not an assassin he will have some ways to get kills but its really more of a "find out what the enemy has got"-spy. but dont think its going to be boring because it can be a real challenge

-its appearance should be funny and really make you want to spy out anyone. I could have made it a secret agent but there already is one suggestion (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=32520) for a agent and i really think its f***ing cool and i want it to be in the game. So I thought about making an alien ho is coming from his planet to spy out the best fighters on the planet (who appearantly are in the league) to see if they are a challenge for the species on his planet bevore they invade the valoran. and this is also his story

Opung, the Alien Spy

Skip to the abilitys if you want me to spare you the boring part and skip the Notes if you dont want to read them.

Ok im not good with stats but it should be around those of soraka/morgana maybe a little bit more damage. Range should be around sorakas range.

on walking: "Cribblespoar Ravk Gloo Hehehee"
"I can see their nexus from here"
"I can see you hehehee"
on attack: "Eat...Brainz..."
"I´ll put a sonde up your ass"
on kill: "I feel the like kidnapping a friendly farmer"
on death: "destroy... weak... humans..."
Dance: makes waves with his tentakle arms


Passive Teleportation Mastery:

His futuristic alien technologie makes Opung teleport faster, taking 1/2/3 seconds of casting time from summoner spell "Teleport" and 2/4/6 seconds of casting time from teleporting back to your nexus"

Note: As an Alien-Spy he sure needs some teleportation ability. But when I thought about that I already had all of his abilitys and I thought just copying riftwalk or gate would be kinda lame. Than I thought that the teleport and bluepilling time are anoying long and would not fit a spy. So this passive was created. Its short and not as overspezial as in some other champion suggestions.

Q-Ability: Cow agents
(didn´t found any image for this)
Opung carries hypnotised and shrinked cows (that he stole from some poor farmers on valoran) on his UFO that can either spy out the area or stear the autoguns of the UFO.
Passive: Opungu can attack while moving. When he attacks while he moves his attacks are 65/55/45/35/25% weaker.
Active: Opungu sets a cow on the field that works like vision ward. Its invisible, has truesight and 500/750/1000/1250/1500 (+8 per Ap) Vision-range. ( Has 1 Hp) While the cooldown is still going the passive doesnt occours.

Animation: When attacking while moving the gun on the UFO shots green rays of light at the enemy. on active a cow with the same glasses as Opung and antenas coming from her ears walks from under the ship to target point and sits down (I dont know how cows sit-down. maybe like a dog.)

Note: THE permanent Spy ability of Opungu. And also somehow the only way of making damage on the hunt. "But T-man, I can also simply spend 150 Gold on a real vision ward" Sure, if you want to run to your nexus and spend 150 on a shorter-ranged version every half minute.

Manacost: 100/115/130/145/160 Cooldown: 32 sec. Range: 300

W-Ability: Invibility shield

Opung beams an Orb around an ally or himself that makes him invisible to foes for 4/6/8/10/12 seconds (+0.01 sec. per Ap) or till he attacks.

Manacost: 100/125/150/175/200 Cooldown: 20 sec. Range: 500

Note: There it is. "OMG you cant make other heroes invisible that otherwise could get invisible OP!" Yes, you can its not that OP because its short. But still this will bring fun.

E-Ability: Size-Ray

Shots a Ray at closest possible target being friend or foe, minion or champion, that makes foes shrink and allys grow. They shrink/grow 10% ( it should be actually that visible) and move 10% slower/faster. Stacks up 2/3/4/5/6 times. If there is no target in range Opung hits himself. If a target has full stacks he will chose a new one. Lasts 6 Seconds.

Manacost: 16/20/24/28/32 Cooldown 1 sec. Range: 400

Note: Basic Hunt/Flee Support. Works like Evelynns Hate Spike, but does no damage but slows stacking. Also I thought it could be funny to see godzilla friends (like Cho´gath) and shrinky foes. Though 60% shrink/grow is not the world only a little change. Not even doubling size. The Name of the buff is Sizegrow/Sizeshrink.

Ultimate: Kidnapped by Aliens

Opungu flies high in the air and produces a round shade (400 AoE) on the ground. After 2.5 Seconds he beams up every friendly chapion in the shade into his ship. Later he can shot them out at a target point giving them additional 5/10/15% Attack damage and armor and 4/5/6 Stacks of Sizegrow and pushes every enemy out of the area doing 200/250/300 (+1 per AP) to them.

Note: The Shade-Area-2.5-Sec.-waiting-Thing is to make sure your friends want to be in your ship, because you could keep em in forever. if they want to be in they walk into the shade if they dont they walk out. If you die, friends inside you die to. They cant be targeted. Between picking them up and spitting them out you can walk around and cast/attack like always. there is a pick of every champ inside you where you can see buffs but opponents cant see this.
This is made to be felling like a real alien invasion. Pick up friend make yourself invisible and faster run to your opponents base and shot out a horde of godzilla creatures(this is why they also gets Stacks of Sizegrow.

Animation: Fly a bit higher than normaly. Short bevor spitting them out again Opung picks a canon like tristanas and shot a big orb on the spot where you want them to land it pops. short smoke screen and then big allys.

So this is it. Spy-Support Alien. It shall make you fell like an alien. have fun flaming me.

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Senior Member


I like the character concept. An intelligent sounding alien spying on the league. YES. There was already an alien-esque character, but his icon was a placeholder for Heimerdinger. They could be buddies!

Since he's smart he could even be Heimerdinger's nemesis XD.

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Ad Victoriam



This sounds very cool...

This champ is way too support-based though. Change his ult into a damage-dealing spell as well, since I can just see this causing so many problems with the champ being able to suck up a teammate - master yi for example - turn invis and run into an enemy group and drop a master yi with increased damage and just destroy the entire enemy team.

Change his ult and you have something. He also has no farmability without damage, so he's weak in that aspect as well.