Cant get out of elo hell?!? READ bronze players

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Whats up,

So.. recently my friend kept saying he is stuck in elo hell and that he cant get out because of noobs and trolls, so I logged in his acct and played couple rounds - and my last 10 matches looked like this - - You can check my kda for past 10 matches. *skip the aram*

So I won 9/10 matches, including 4v5's ,troll picks, feeders, ragers, and was still able to win game.
( I know to you it may seem like I didn't play with the real trolls and I got lucky: however the last
10 games I played, everyone has "fu*ked each other's mom, reported each other, made each other cry, and so forth" yet was still able to win, now... how?

So I got really into this because it was more than a lol game, it was the power of psycological game.

and for all the people that sais they stuck in elo hell " sorry bruh but YOU'RE the problem", cuz when u say u stuck in elo hell, it means you suck and you should go cry more. I will just teach you COMPLETELY FREE on teaching your ATTITUDE and gameplay.
Im not a pro but its enough to get you out.
ALSO, I by watchin your game, I will be blunt with you and tell you what div I think you belong in. I don't care if you win a game with 14/2, if the way i saw your playstyle sucks I will tell you that you will NEVER get you out and you will NEVER surive in gold/plat. If you end up at 2/7 and you had little mistakes but not much, then I will tell you honestly that you have potential and you can carry. I am talking to SUPPORTS AS WELL! SUPPORTS CAN CARRY
fill out ONLY if you are serious:

Fav. role and WHY <-- important:
Why you think your stuck in elo hell:
Why you want to get out: