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need help w/late game urgot

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I do pretty well early - mid game, but come late game, I can't seem to do enough to help the team. Any good urgot's have a suggestion for build or play tips?

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Rent a Tear as your first item (start with mana regen part, go back ASAP to buy it) then resell tear when your mana is maxed.

9% CDR from masteries and [EMAIL="15%@18"]15%@18[/EMAIL] from seals/quints should put you at a decent amount of dps.

Thornmail, FoN or BV, rageblade, SoTO, HTGB does decent damage. 5 Aura items also works.

Ult someone if you find yourself under attack to increase your defenses. Otherwise just attack + spam skills. Ghost/Exhaust is great, as is Ghost/Flash.

Ulting someone and then flashing back to your party can sometimes work against low cc teams.

Hit ghost every team fight.