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Shens synergys

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I have been working on a new build for my shen based around a malady and mallet core, and i have played the last few games with great success against AD heavy teams.

start Dorans Shield + HP pot

then Boots, (tabi in this case)
>>Malady, (for the magic resistance decrease)
>>Mallet, (Hps, great for passive and tankability, + slow so ur team gets the kill)
>>>Sword of the Divine
>>>>finish with either B.veil or Warmogs, or FoN, (depending on preference/enemy team)
(although i did finish 1 game with scepter and it worked out well wit aniv on my team)

granted i did not finish with dps build scores, but i still ended up averaging 2-4 kills, about 4-5 deaths, and like 20 assists.

Was wondering whether i should pull the Sword of divine out of there and insert more tanky item instead.. curious on wut you LoL gurus think.