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Kitsuka Legendary Fox

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Name: Kitsuka (pronounced Kitska)

Story: Long ago, Kitsuka was the servant to a might god. She was worshiped along side him as a sign of good fortune and luck. Her good deeds were known throughout her home of Kageku, but even better known was the mischievous nature of the mighty fox. Kitsuka, being a fox, had a tendency to play many a trick on the people of Kageku. Mostly in good spirits, her only intention was to brighten the victim’s day. One day, however, one of Kitsuka's mischievous games went array. Kitsuka took the great water gods prized fish and hid him away, planning to return him a little later, but just as Kitsuka was going to return the fish she was called away to deliver an important message. As all Canine, Kitsuka obeyed her master at once, completely forgetting the poor water god's fish! When she returned to the fish, it was dead. The poor fish had suffocated... Kitsuka was filled with shame and took the fish at once to the water god-begging for his forgiveness. Of course, the water god was enraged! He banished Kitsuka from his sight and went to her master. Kitsuka's master too was furious; he stripped Kitsuka of her position and sent her out into the wilderness. Since then Kitsuka has lived trying to gain back the favor of her master. She joined the League of Legends to gain honor in the hopes it would appease her masters anger.

Kitsuka may appear small at first, but as she grows more powerful her for changes to reveal her true strength. She utilizes the fox’s most effective ability, fox magic, to take down her enemies. While her teeth and claws are potent weapons her enemies fear her fox fire! She uses each of her Kyuubi abilities to her team’s advantage in battle. She is a swift little fox, which grows more powerful over time. All enemies should be warry of Kitsuka when her fur begins to change color.

Appearance: She starts as a relatively small average colored fox. Her coat is red, with a white chest white tipped tail, and black feet and ears. As she grows in level she gains new tails, from 1-her starting tail-to 9. Once she reaches nine tails her coat turns a beautiful white color and she doubles in size.


Normal attack: Kitsuka normally attacks with her claws and teeth. (Alternating animations perhaps, one of her
swiping and another lunging to bite.)


Passive: Fire Form
At levels 1,3,5,7,9 Kitsuka gains the respective amount of tails. Kitsuka’s attack burns the opponent for a duration of time mandated by the amount of tails she currently has.

Explanation: At lvl 3, Kitsuka would have 3 tails, at lvl 9 she would have nine tails and her coat would turn white,
and she would double in size. On her basic attack, she deals burn damage. Much like poison it lingers for a few
seconds after the attack. The time of burn damage is directly related to the amount of tails she has.


Q: Consume Soul
Kitsuka forms a small blue fireball in her mouth and directs it at an enemy, on impact the fire dose damage as well as healing Kitsuka for a % of the damage done. Heals % X % of ap.

Explanation: Consume Soul does damage. Kitsuka heals % of that damage X a % of her ap.


W: Fox Fire
Kitsuka creates a ring of encompassing blue fire. This ring reveals hidden objects or individuals as well as doing
damage to all within. This fire will continue to burn until Kitsuka extinguishes it.

Explanation: Once turned on it will burn until it's turned off. It does damage while the victim is inside the
circle. Reveals invisible.


E: Sacred Flame
Kitsuka casts a rind of floating fire balls around an ally. The balls protect the individual from magic for a given
amount of time. If the ally is hit with magic, the ally absorbs a % and heals.

Explanation: For a given duration, the ally is given a resistance to magic. When they are hit with magical spells
they immediately regain a % of the damage done.


R: Possession
Kitsuka sends her spirit into her enemy; she takes control of their body for duration of time causing her to be
immobilized. While possessed the enemy is unable to cast spells, and is forced to attack who Kitsuka demands.

Explanation: Kitsuka possesses an enemy, during the possession she can’t move. The possessed individual moves and attacks as Kitsuka instructs. Victim can’t attack it’s self. The spell can be turned off before the time limit is up. (Very short time limit as well)

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