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Ultimate Master Yi Guide

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Ok, so you see Yi flying about the battlefield, and you get jealous.

Lets face it, hes pretty OP when played well, and Riot may nerf him eventually.

I love Yi, and I hope I some people, beginners and advanced, will try this out.


3 that i use a lot: exhaust, ghost and teleport. Others are good, but if you are smart enough, you wont need them.

Items And Strategy

1st items you should buy are a Meki Pendant and 2 health pots.

The trick here is to either solo, or stick to bushes. Alpha strike is your key ability early game. It will allow you to score heaps of minion kills, and duck out quickly. Mastering this is the key to success. Just stay back from the fight, and use Alpha to knock off the creeps. If you have exhaust, you may be able to gank, but dont worry too much, just focus on gold.

So level up Alpha strike and Wuju and usually you wont even need meditate.

Now buy a chalice of harmony, upgrade your boots (usually Zerks), and get a vampiric scepter.

Once you have these items, around lvl 6 or 7, you can go jungling. The most important neutral you want to kill is the Ancestral Golem. It will give you mana regen and ability cooldowns, which are essential if you want to gank. Yi's strenth is in his abilities. Now once you get the buff, feel free to attempt a gank.

Now buy:
Frozen Mallet if fast enemies / Infinity Edge if not
Phantom Dancer
Blood Thirster
Anything with Crits.

I have incredible success with this, its extremely fun, and mid game is just a pure gankathon. Run around, and kill enemies 1v1. If you have the frozen mallet, and really confident, you can probably do 2v1. Dont forget to farm neutrals, and you can probably take on the Dragon around lvl 10.

But never forget, Yi is extremely squishy. If they are targeting you, pull back, and pick off the survivors.

If a large team battle is happening, dont be the 1st to engage. Yi is a bit of a glass cannon, so you need to wait a bit, then jump in and chop all their heads off.

I hope this helps

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Chalice is unnecessary, you do not need that much mana. Try a simple Sapphire Crystal. For me, it lasts the whole game. Plus, if you need you can build it into BV.

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Or just don't bother with regen or +mana items and grab the buff from the jungle like the pro Yi's do.

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Guess I'll be one of the first to post here then

I like the guide, it sais how I play as Yi when I'm solo queuing. I don't jungle that fast though. I only start to jungle when I get the chance (like when my lane is all pushed and I hardly get any creepkills there.

Then I saw your itembuild. I like the majority of it, but I don't like the malady. Why? Yi doesn't need more attackspeed! You are already going at it at godlike speed and hitting the attackspeed cap slows you down. The malady speed isn't as useful as tiamat for example. Tiamat gives you +75 damage and splash effects. I don't make this fast though. It requires a lot of time.

My itembuild is this

start with meki pendant + 2 HP pots
finish philosophers stone
Bezerker greaves
vampiric scepter
if you have the money ==> Bloodthirster
if you don't, Phantom Dancer
if you haven't already ==> Bloodthirster (only if you made Dancer first)
Infinity edge
Tiamat or Frozen Mallet, depending on their heroes.

depending on their team, I now excange philosophers for either warmogs or banshee's veil. Why? They make Yi less of a glass cannon. A glass cannon doesn't have 3k+ hp when it reaches you.
Any questions to my itembuild? Just ask them and I will answer them. But do remember this is a pubstomper hero. He hardly ever gets used in higher level or competitive play.

Now with the skills.

If I'm going farming build (which I usually go):
Max Alpha Strike
Max Wuju Style
Put points in Highlander whenever possible
Max Meditate

If you are a farmer
hero and you want to get that nice and shiny Infinity edge and Bloodthirster, this is how you do it.

Now, there's also the hero killer build:

Max Wuju Style
Max Alpha Strike
Highlander when possible
Max Meditate

I thinks there should be no questions here. Some prefer meditate because they can go out of LoS for 2 seconds and come back half healed to get an easy kill. That's not my style and it doesn't always work.

Hope this helps.