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Help with Twitch ?

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Ever since the malady was reworked, I had trouble playing him, and didn't know what to buy for him.
Does anybody know a good dps build for twitch?

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my build seems to work great even though i seem to be criticized a lot for it.

Your job is to gank so here is what i do.

#1 start out with dorans sword and a health pot
#2 buy zeal and just basic boots.
#3 finish boots with boots of mobility
#4 buy a BF sword then work on you infinity edge
#5 sell dorans sword and work your way up to phantom dancer from your zeal.
#6 you should have "Infinity edge", "boots of mobility", and "phantom dancer". Now the last three items you should try to get are Madred's Bloodrazor, The Black Cleaver, and The Bloodthirster, in no particular order. Yet i usually go bloodrazor first, then get ether cleaver or bloodthirster depending on weather your having a hard time with tanks, or dps'ers.

thats just what i do.