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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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Boy of Mystery

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Hanging out P3

Akali :*quietly* I forgive you now, Kennen . *starts walking back*


The Fist of Shadows should have melted into the shadows

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Also notice Urgot in the pic...Riot loves us :P

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Ya, so you have another reader.

Once I get used to drawing on the computer (just got my tablet) I might do fanart for the fanfic...is that like...fanfanart?

OMG, meta fanart :O
And Frisky <3
And hubby, its a heart of respect for her writing skills.

*whispers* and loooove.

But mostly her writing skills.

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Oh, Enmiand! <3 you too.

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The Tale Teller

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Shen surgeon and Akali nurse?!
I call dibs on these characters! DIBS DIBS DIBS!

Uh, ah, ah.

I've already used 'em.

See "A day in the life of Rammus", part four I think?

Also, that Urgot looks somewhat familiar...something to do with one of our stories...not sure which...he's pretty much a whipping boy in all of our stories...

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I go on vacation for 5 days, and I come back to 70 new pages of stories. Took me 3 days to get through them all. Great job though, I love them so far. Frisky I must say the Panth/Nid stories are amazing. I always have a smile on my face after reading them. Keep up the good work!

P.S. Canadians are afraid of the dark. Dont let them fool you!!!

P.S.S I know im late but.... narcissistic much Neonir?

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I have my story started but I wont be able to finish until after school tomorrow.

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Who framed Mr. Kaiser? P1

- Inside a sad ruined office building in downtown Demacia is an equally miserable room that serves its porpouse as an office. In the door's window, in white letters, it can be read "TWISTED FATE P.I". Inside, Twisted Fate, dressed with a large and old brown coat and a hat is sitting by the phone, playing with his cards -

TF: Another shi tty day at the shi tty office... This is getting old. I should start thinking about other ways to pay for my food. Like construction, or croupier. But no, this is what I tought of. Private Investigator. What a joke. I haven't recieved a call in weeks. There's 3 bucks in my pockets and 15 more in my account and that's it. Another shi tty day in this shi tty city.

- The phone rings and TF picks it up slowly -

TF: I swear, if its another suspicious husband I'm gonna blow my brains out... Twisted Fate P.I, can I help you?

Man: (On the phone) Uhm, yes, is this Twisted Fate, the private investigator? I think I have a job for you.

TF: (Discouraged) Let me guess, your wife has been acting strange last few weeks, and you want me to look it up for ya', is that it?

Man: What? Oh, no, nothing like that. You see, my name is Ashton Freeman, I work in the art business.

TF: (Hopes up) Maybe my luck is turning around... What kind of business?

Ashton: Music. I represent a band of very gifted musicians.

TF: (Sour) Of course... Sorry Mr. Freeman, but I don't work with musicians. You'd better take your shady business to someone else.

- As he is about to hang up, he hears the man speaking again -

TF: (Picking it up) What?

Ashton: I said I am willing to pay you a good amount of money for your services, Mr. Fate, if you can help me.

TF: How much are we talkin' about?

Ashton: A couple of grands?

TF: This has bullshi t written all over it... but still... Ok, I'll hear you out.

Ashton: Oh, wonderful! But not by the phone, please. Come to my studio and we'll speak more privately there. I'll fax you the address.

- TF recieves the address and starts going his way downstairs with a grim look on his face. As soon as he hits the street, he lights a cigarrette. His reliable but old Colt hangs loosely by his belt, hidden from the public eye. -

TF: I don't like this one bit.

- He arrives at the said studio 15 minutes later. It's a large and very fancy place. In the lobby he's recieved by the secretary. As he speaks his business she contacts Mr. Freeman and then sends him into a big dark room with a large table in it. At the end of the table is Ashton Freeman, a fat, short and bald man with a disgusting smirk constantly engraved in his face -

Ashton: (Polite) Mr. Fate! What a pleasure, please, please take a seat.

TF: (Sour and untrustful) Make it quick Freeman. I have things to do.

Ashton: (Sitting as well) Oh, why, of course. Let me start by telling you I am the manager and representative of "Pentakill", the band. Have you heard of them?

TF: (Not interested) Vaguely.

Ashton: Well, they're the hit of the moment and they're heard all across the globe!. It's a band composed by four memebers, but really only two of them are really important for the project. The others can be removed or replaced.

- TF did not like the word "replace" in Freeman's mouth. It brought him back bad memories -

TF: And you want me to do what specifically? Play the drums?

Ashton: (Laughing) Oh, don't be ridiculous! You'll see, there have been some... issues with the members of the band. Issues that represent a huge threat to our current investments.

TF: Of course he's just a gold sekeer. There's as much art in him as there are flowers in the moon. I don't like this fella. What kind of issues?

Ashton: (Crosses his hand over the table and adopts a serious stance) Here's the thing. One of our most gifted and charismatic employees is Mrs. Sona Shadowsong. She plays a very peculiar instrument that, for some reason, happens to fit very well in all the harmonics of heavy metal. Also, she's eye candy. We've sold around 1.5 million copies of posters already.

TF: (Looking as his watch) Ahá...

Ashton: The thing is, she has a... "relationship" of sorts with the other important band memeber, lead singer and guitarrist Mordekaiser. They make a lovely and scary couple, but lately... (coughs)... Well, apparentely Mr. Mordekaiser has been feeling uneasy about her partner's whereabouts and that's affecting his performances on stage and when recording. It's a nightmare!

TF: Cut to the chase Freeman, what's the deal?

Ashton: He thinks she's cheating on her.

TF: I knew it. I f ucking knew it. (Sighs) Any idea who she's cheatin' with?

Ashton: Whoa, Mr. Fate. Isn't it a bit too hasty to jump into conclusions like that? We don't know if she's doing that.

TF: (Bitter) Trust me, Freeman. In this line of work, women always cheat. Is in their nature.

Ashton: (Confused) Well.... be that as it may, we still need proof of it. Tanglible prooves. What I want you to do is to follow Mrs. Shadowsong and bring me photos or videos of her, anything that may convince Mr. Kaiser to dump her and continue with his work.

TF: Whaddaya mean "dump her"?

Ashton: (Cold) Mr. Fate, there's no room for love in music. Those two are just a bomb waiting to explode. I rather make it explode myself before watching it to blow away all my cash! Also, if I have to chose one member, it would have to be Kaiser. He IS the band after all.

TF: So you don't really want to find out about what she's doin', right? What if she, as you said, has been doing nothing in particular? Walking her dog or something, uh?

Ashton: (Shady) I'll pay you a thousand bucks right now. The other thousand will come the moment you bring me what I need to get Kaiser out of his trailer and back into the recording room, is that clear? Do we have a deal?

TF: This sucks. It IS a suspicious husband, and they ARE musicians. Also, this guy Freeman is a rat all the way. I hate this shi t. I hate it to the bone. Another shi tty day... Maybe I should go travel and find Eve... Maybe I should re join the force.... Maybe I should... It's a deal.

- They shake hands. Freeman smiles -

TF: I would like to have a little chat with this "Mr. Kaiser" before starting my investigation, though.

Ashton: By all means. He's in the back, in his trailer.

TF: Thank you (As he leaves, he turns around) So, what about my money before I go?

Ashton: Oh, of course, of course! (He revolves his papers all around and gets a nice leather wallet from beneath them) Do you take checks?

TF: (Smiling) No bar in town accepts checks for booze. Cash, please.

- TF leaves the room feeling dirty and miserable. He lights a cigarrette to calm down and makes his way over to Kaiser's trailers. He's in there -

TF: (Knocking at the door) Mr. Kaiser? Mr. Kaiser?

- Mordekaiser opens the door. He's shirtless, wearing only his "Pentakill" mask and some jeans. He doesn't look too good -

Mordekaiser: (Drinks a last sip of beer and then crushes the can in his hand) Yah?

TF: Wow, this guy is huge. Hello there Mr. Kaiser. My name is Twisted Fate, I work for the office.

Mordekaiser: (Disgusted) Freeman hired you?

TF: Yes, he did.

Mordekaiser: (Spiting aside) You here to help with Sona?

TF: Yes sir, I am.

Mordekaiser: (Yells at him) Then start ****ing looking for her cause I haven't seen her in two days!

TF: (Scared) Uhm... ok, ok...f ucking rockstars. They think they have it all. F UCK. Any ideas where she might be?

Mordekaiser: She works during the week in low-life nightclub called "FEEDERS AND AFKERS" as singer and dancer.... (To himself) **** that Sona. I told her not to do it, you know? We make plenty of money in the band. We don't need that s hit. She should be here, with me, but no, she said she doesn't want to be a burden, she wants to pay for her own stuff... (Mad) F UCKIN' LIES!

TF: I... understand. Anyhow... Mr. Freeman sounded really concerned about this thing messing with the band and all...

Mordekaiser: F uck the band! I can make my own band! Just go around the corner, get me two guys and I'll make them my slaves! F uck Freeman! I just want my woman back, and you better help me do that... or else...

TF: (Really scared) No... no need for threats Mr. Kaiser. I'll find your girl, rest assured. Good day.

- As TF turns back and leaves, Mordekaiser calls him one last time -

Mordekaiser: Hey, hey skinny! Listen to me. I have a very short fuse, and I don't like being hurt. So, if you do find something, I want names, I want faces. No one touches my lovely bird Sona, ya' hear me?!

TF: Loud and clear Mr, Kaiser, sir! (He turns back again, and leaves) So, you really have gotten yourself into a big piece of trouble this time, Fate. Whatever happened to the happy days in the force, uh? Busting criminals, coming home for dinner? Then you turned into a criminal... Then you left the force... Then you went to jail.... Then this shi t. fuc kin' shi t. Another shi tty day for another shi tty Fate...

This will continue!

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Shaco the Psycho: Ace up his Sleeve

The night was quiet in the Dungeon, business was slow because everyone was participating in another one of Warwick’s wild parties. The only ones remaining were three champions playing poker, and Singed who sadly couldn’t make it due to work.

Shaco: So Twitch, what brings you out of your fester hole to join us in a card game?

Twitch: Even I need some fresh air now and then. What’s even more surprising is… why are you playing with us? –Looks over at Veigar-

Veigar: Shaco and I tend to gather once in a while for a game or killing someone. Got a problem with it? –Gives Twitch his signature glare-

Twitch: N-No, no problems here.

Veigar: Then play, it’s your turn.

Shaco: We better hurry, we’re holding up little Tristana at the party. -Chuckles, ducks under a ball of dark energy that blows a hole through the wall-

Singed: Hey! No holes in my walls! It’s bad enough I can never fix the roof. –Ducks under a blast aimed at him, it blasting another hole in the wall-

Twitch: I’m done. I’m keeping what money I have left. –Folds his cards, taking his money and watching the game-

Veigar: Your winning streak is over. All in. –Moves the remaining of his money in the middle of the table. It being a small stature compared to Shaco’s pile-

Shaco: For my next trick, I’ll make your money disappear. –Calls him, adding the same amount-

Veigar: -Plays down a straight- See if you can beat that. –Cackles a little-

Shaco: Glad to. –Plays a full house-

Twitch: Glad I bailed out when I did…

Shaco: Thank you for your… “generous” donation. I should be going now. –Takes his money and disappears. The door opening and closing on its own-

Twitch: How is he so lucky… is he ever that goo-

Veigar’s hand is trembling on the table, his face down casting at the floor

Twitch: Your about to lose it… aren’t you? –Rushing, he disappears as well-

Veigar: Fuc-king Joker wannabe!! –Forms balls of energy in each hand, his eyes glow more brightly-

Singed: Oh god… -Runs for his life, taking the back entrance-

Blast after blast is shot through the walls and what remains of the ceiling.

Meanwhile somewhere else. Shaco walked down an alley and waited for a minute then Evelynn appeared out of nowhere.

Shaco: -Splits the money in half with her- As promised. Hehehehe~

Planning ahead, the jester planned something devious. Using Evelynn’s invisibility, he was able to cheat off Twitch and Veigar. She happily agreed, needing some money for some new clothes to show off Twisted Fate.

Evelynn: Thank you. It’s hard winning money when the summoners barely pick you…

Shaco: It was my pleasure. Wish I could have stuck around to see the little guy’s destruction. Toodles~ -Waving his hand he vanished, as did Evelynn-

The next morning, the dark mage was on the news. Arrested for vandalism, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. Shaco only laughed at his television.

I’m still not caught up in the stories and the thread, but while reading past them someone said they were waiting for my Shaco the Psycho. So I’m posting this. My next story won’t come around until I’m caught up. I’m more or less skimming through the comments, but reading the stories with plenty of laughs. Enjoy