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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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For all you Yi lovers out there...

Switching Shoes: 4

~Day 3~

-Nidalee and Pantheon decide to go home a day early.-

Nidalee: You don’t think Warwick will be upset if we leave one day early, do you?

Pantheon: *shrugs*

Nidalee: *looking out the window* Think we could stop and say goodbye to Vordin before we go?

Pantheon: Why?

Nidalee: *turns to Pantheon* He was nice and I liked him. Please? *sad cat-eyed look*

Pantheon: *reluctantly* Ok, Pussycat.

Nidalee: *smiles* Thank you! *hugs him*

-The two check out of the Inn and head back to the shop where Vordin works. Walking in they see the large tiger sitting behind the counter, playing with his tail.-

Nidalee: Hi Vordin. *smiling*

Vordin: *stands up* Hello again.

Pantheon: Hey…

Nidalee: We’re leaving a day early and I wanted to come say goodbye.

Vordin: Do you not like it here?

Nidalee: Oh no, we did. *taking Pantheon’s hand* We just miss our daughter back home.

Vordin: A little girl? *smiles* If she’s lucky, she’ll grow up to look like her mother.

Pantheon: *smiles* Can’t argue that.

Nidalee: *blushes* Well thank you.

Vordin: Before you go… I want you to take this. *hands her a small glass stature of a tiger* Something to remember… this place. *smiles*

Nidalee: *accepts* Thank you, that’s very sweet.

Pantheon: Ready, Pussycat?

Nidalee: *nods*

Vordin: *scowls*

-The two leave the shop and Vordin picks up the phone.-

Vordin: Warwick! *pause* Yea they just left. *pause* You were right, they left a day early. *pause* She’s fine and Pantheon is still with her. *pause* Bye.

-Outside, Pantheon sweeps Nidalee up in his arms and jumps.-


-Several minutes earlier, Yi and Irelia were sitting on the couch while Kiara played on the floor in front of them.-

Irelia: *sighs* This was tougher than I thought. *looking down at Kiara*

Yi: *mumbles* Never having kids.

Irelia: *hurt* Don’t say that, Yi… It’s different when it’s your own child.

Yi: *looking at Kiara, but remains silent*

Irelia: Well, I’m going to take a shower… *sarcastically* You ok to watch her for 30 minutes? *giving him a suspicious look*

Yi: *grumbles* Yea…

-Irelia walks out of the room and shuts the bathroom door behind her.-

Kiara: *crawls over to Yi and tugs on his leg*

Yi: *looks down at her* What, you little thief?

Kiara: *crawls towards the bedroom and then stops, staring at him*

Yi: Where are you going? To get a gun? Maybe to blow my head off…

Kiara: *crawls a little farther then stops, staring at him*

Yi: *gets up to get her* Come here…

Kiara: *crawls into the bedroom*

Yi: Come on, Kiara… *stops outside the door* I’m not going in there. You’re going to throw something at me… I know it.

Kiara: *crawls back out and sits down, holding up Yi’s money* …Yi…. *giggles*

Yi: *looks at her in shock* You… know my name? *bends down*

Kiara: *smiles and kicks her feet* …Yi… *holds up his money*

Yi: *smiles for the first time in 3 days* Thank you… *takes his money*

Kiara: *reaches up for him* …Yi…

Yi: *picks her up* ARENA ENTERTAINMENT?

Kiara: *giggles*

-Yi smiles and heads back to the TV. Moments later, Pantheon and Nidalee land in the living room.-

Kiara: *squeals, and giggles, reaching for them*

Nidalee: *runs over and picks her up* Oh I missed you!!

Yi: Hey… thought you guys were coming home tomorrow?

Pantheon: *shrugs* Missed the kid.

Nidalee: Where’s Irelia?

Yi: In the shower. *takes a drink of his beer*

Pantheon: *smiles* You ok man?

Yi: Fine, why?

Nidalee: *laughs* Probably because you’re drinking beer at 8:00am in the morning.

Yi: *looks down at the can* Yes… well… I’ve lost my taste for coffee.

Pantheon: *curious look*

Irelia: *coming out of the bathroom, had heard Yi’s comment* Which reminds me, you should label your milk. *smiles*

Nidalee: *looking amused* He didn’t…

Irelia: *nods* Oh yes he did…


Pantheon: *confused* What?

Nidalee: Yi… did you like the breast milk?

Pantheon: *eyes wide* Seriously dude!?

Yi: *getting up* I don’t want to talk about it…

Irelia: He also claims Kiara was throwing weapons at him… *laughs*

-Nidalee, Pantheon and Yi stare blankly at her.-

Irelia: *stops laughing* Really!?

Pantheon: *prideful grin* I taught her that…

Yi: *smiles* Told you.

Nidalee: *holding Kiara on her hip* And you’ll be shifting very, very soon.

Irelia: *shocked*

Yi: *smiles* I am going home now… I will not be coming back… don’t ever ask me to baby sit again. *heads for the door*

Kiara: *whines and kicks her feet* ...Yi...

Yi: *closes his eyes and hangs his head*

Nidalee: Awww!! *sets her down on the floor*

Pantheon: *grinning*

Kiara: *crawls over to Yi and reaches up for him* …Yi…

Irelia: *smiles with tears in her eyes* Oh my…

Pantheon: *grins* I think she likes you man.

Nidalee: *smiles* Her first word.... Oh, she wants you to stay. Won’t you stay for lunch?

Yi: *looks down at Kiara, quiet for a moment* Fine. Yes. Alright. But then I’m going! *picks her up*


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Aww, a soft side to Yi? Unthinkable... then again, possible...

The Search for Veigar's Parentage (In co-operation with Zane896)

After fruitlessly searching for Veigar, Shen gave up, and returned to the Kinkou temple where Karthus was eagerly awaiting news of his possible son.
“Anything?” the lich asked.
“I’m afraid not, Karthus.” replied the ninja.
Karthus sighed.
“Very well. I shall be in my manor.”
The lich walked straight back to his manor, thinking deeply.
“If he is my son, then who was the mother? Was it her, no it must be her. Wait no, it couldn’t be her, it must’ve been her. Argh! What am I thinking. Who gives a **** who the mother is, if he’s my son, then I should welcome him and care for him!” he thought out loud.
In his mind’s eye, he thought back to the day when he ascended to lichdom.
“Daddy! Daddy! Where are you going?” screamed an overly excited, hyperactive child.
“Ehh… to the… cake store?” replied the sheepish looking man with brown hair.
“When will you be back?” asked the child.
“I don’t know when, but I’ll be back. I promise.” said the man
“Ok daddy!” said the child brightly.
Karthus sighed for lost experiences, and continued to his manor, where his Karthi minions awaited his commands.

Elsewhere, Veigar and Tristana were celebrating at the Dungeon, drinking their strawberry smoothies.
“Hey Veigar! Are you done yet? I want to scar Teemo for life again!” huffed Tristana.
“Hmm… Good idea! This can be a celebration party!”
“Great! Let’s go!” said the female yordle.
Together, they left the Dungeon heading for Teemo’s not-so-secret hideout.
Singed, behind the counter, dialled Garen’s number.
“Hey Garen! Uhh… Karthus asked me to call you… Yeah, I don’t know why… Eh what? **** you too you ******!”
At Teemo’s hideout, the two evil scheming yordles replaced all Teemo’s clothes with girls dresses and underclothes, and cackled while they burnt Teemo’s stock of shrooms and clothes. For good measure, they replaced the scout’s blowpipe and darts with a bong and suspicious paste.
“Let’s write a note!” squealed Tristana.
“No… I have a better idea…” said Veigar with a malicious grin.
They left a note at the hideout saying:
“Yarr! Ye scurvy dog! Die, landlubber!” – Gangplank.

At Karthus’s manor, a generic Karthi minion came up to the lich.
“Your dread excellency, the genetic reports show that Veigar is indeed your son. The parenting courses with the Three Karthi have been going well, I assume?” the minion asked.
“But of course, majordomo Karthus. Now that I know that Veigar is indeed my son, he shall be escorted here immediately, and treated like a true Prince of Darkness, not like that Ozzy Osbourne person, whoever he is.”
“As you command, only…” the Karthi faded away, as if daunted.
“Carry on.”
“He is scheduled to have a match against you tomorrow so…” the Karthi faltered as the ****ing gaze of Karthus fell upon him.
“Curses!” Karthus raged.

Veigar and Tristana returned to Veigar’s house, and lay there laughing at the thought of Teemo venturing out of the hideout. In addition to burning all his clothes, Tristana had ambushed him on the way back to his house and stunned him for long enough for Veigar to burn away his current clothing with a mild energy burst. Veigar looked at the ceiling in a melancholic way, so Tristana prodded him.
“Hey! Veigar, why are you so upset?”
“I’m not upset Tristana, it’s just now that I know who my father is, I want to find out who my mother was!”
“Ahh… Well, I’ll leave you to it then Veigar.”
As Tristana stood to leave Veigar and return to her home, the diminutive yordle barred her way with his staff.
“Err… Tristana… I have something to say…”
Tristana stared, amused, while the other yordle looked embarrassed.
“I… I wanted to say thank you...” stuttered Veigar.
“Aww… isn’t that sweet!” squealed Tristana, who gave the bemused yordle a peck on the cheek before leaving him sitting on his bed, dreaming of the future.


Hey guys, I'm now on dial-up, so I wont be on this thread for another four days. Please keep me posted on the chat, which is the only thing I can load.

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Possible Release Date of After Curse, Before Charm FINAL : 23 January 2011

Because in the next 4 days It's going to be EFFING busy in my school due to activities and I'll be sure to write moar when i get back home from those activities. I'll be sure not to stress myself out. =3

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R3!!! I needs you in the chat room if you're here.

I agree... I was hoping for a story to be at the top of Page 200...

R3... Come hither.... PWeeeeez

Yo, I'll be on today

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frisky they wont let me +1 your story enough great story

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Yo, I'll be on today

Hey R3, what was the website again for your site?

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Hey R3, what was the website again for your site?


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*Best read at http://www.thelolfansite.com*

- After what happened, Enmiand decided he had enough of the League. He closed all doors and windows, finally realizing his dream to become a champion wasn't going to happen. Lying in bed with his eyes lost in the ceiling, drinking coke after coke, he just remained there, in the darkness, trying to keep his mind blank. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door -

Enmiand: (Covering his eyes with his arm) Go away.

- Knock again -

Enmiand: (Grunting) Away!

- Without any warning, the door suddenly gets blasted away. Startled, Enmiand jumps off the bed, prepared for anything. From beyond the smoke a couple of dark figures start to take shape -

Enmiand: (Squinting, but in fighting stance) Who... are you? What do you want?

- A man steps up and faces him. He's tall and looks like a perfectly normal guy... except he has horns -

Man: Enmiand Lessor?

Enmiand: (Trying to read his mind, but failing) Yes...

Man: (Polite) My name is R3d1ps, nice to meet you. Over here (pointing at the guy next to him) is my partner Decagon.

Decagon: (Emerging from the dust cloud as a pale looking guy with little expresion on his face) ...

Enmiand: (Wondering) What do you want here?

R3: Oh, I take it your powers are not working right now? That's fine. You really made quite an effort back there a while ago after all.

Enmiand: (Startled) You... saw that?

R3: Oh, yes, we did. Actually, that's why we're here.

Decagon: (In a bad mood) Let's take him already.

Enmiand: Wait, take me? Where? Why?

Decagon: (Pissed) Hmph, what a nerve. Asking his kidnappers for information.

Enmiand: (Serious) Kidnap me? (Prepares to fight) Ok, I don't know who you guys are, but bring it on (cracks his neck) I've been wanting a good fight, and a 2 vs 1 sounds just perfect. Come on!

R3: (Laughs) Oh, I'm not fighting.(Shouting) Now!

- Out of nowhere a thick white web covers Enmiand's face. He struggles to get it off, but blinded as he is, he just stumbles on the furniture and falls into the ground, fainting for lack of air. Short after a weird spider-human like creature climbs down from the ceiling, eyes glowing red -

R3: (Slapping him) No Laser! Don't eat!

Laser68: (Grumbling something) Grgrmmgmgmg....

Decagon: (Disgusted) I hate this guy. Couldn't you find a worse looking apprentice?

R3: (Ignores him) Grab him and let's get out of here.

- They grab Enmiand by his feet and drag him out of the hallway. No one notices, but as soon as they're out, the phone on the apartment starts ringing again and again.... -

- Over at Frisky's apartment, she's with IRS drinking a cup of tea -

Frisky: (Hanging up, looking dissapointed) He's not anwering.

IRS: (Drinking calmly) He probably is just being himself. You know, lonely, taking all the blame, that sort of things.

Frisky: (Sits next to him, looking sad) ...

IRS: (Puts his cup aside) What is it?

Frisky: (Playing with her fingers) I wanted... I need to apologize to him.

IRS: Why? Because you went out with Neonir?

Frisky: (Loud all of a sudden) That's exactly it! I didn't go out with him!

IRS: (Condescendent) Look Frisky, it's ok, you said it yourself, you can go out with whoever you want, even if it's a cocky annoying little man like Neo...

Frisky: (Gets up, pissed off) I didn't go out with him! It was Super Frisky!

IRS: Wait, what?

Frisky: That's right... she... has a thing for stupid guys like him.

IRS: So... are you saying to me she likes him but you don't?

Frisky: Exactly! And... (looks at the floor) Enmiand tought I stood him up for him, but I didn't! Super took control over me that night and she went out. I don't recall anything of what happened that night!

IRS: I tought you had control over her.

Frisky: I usually do... except when I'm over excited or nervous and that night... I was.

IRS: (Dissapointed) So, you DO have feelings for emo kid, uh?

Frisky: (Embarrassed takes a seat) I mean, I don't know him much but... He looks like a gentle, caring soul. What he did for me back there... And then he just took all the blame, knowing he would probably get expelled from the competition....

IRS: (Looks away) The hero gets the girl then. Woah, if this was a movie or something, they should fire the writter for being so cliched.

Frisky: (With a gentle smile on her face holds IRS's hands) Sharpie, you're a good guy too. I like being around you, you calm me down. I couldn't have asked for a better friend right now.

IRS: (Touched) Thank... you. I think I can live with that.

Frisky: (Hugs him)

IRS: (Feels her boobs and feels awkward, backs off) Sooo... anyway, maybe we should go and check on him before he does something crazy, don't you think?

Frisky: (Unsure) You think?

IRS: For sure! (Stands) Come on!

- They head over to Enmiand's apartment, but when they get there they realize the door is bursted and everything inside is a mess -

Frisky: (Looking around) What the hell...?

IRS: (Walks around the place, investigating) It seems a fight happened in here.

Frisky: (Worried) Do you think...?

IRS: I don't want to admit it, but the most likely scenario is that something has happened to him.

Frisky: (Notices something on the ground) What is this? (Picks it up) It looks like a letter.

IRS: (Gets closer) Read it.

Frisky: "Dear League of Losers: My name is R3 and I work for the Lord of the Underworld, Mr. Demon himself. We just took notice one of your new applicants, Mr. Enmiand Lessor, incurred in some serious damaging of one of our most cared and beloved stateticians, Mr. Prince of the Underworld, Neonir. Hereby I inform you all this will not be tolerated and we will be taking justice into our own hands if you don't surrender Neonir to our hands as soon as possible. Should you not abide by these demands, we shall end the League of Legends in a snap of fingers and terminate the offender. You have two days before we launch our attack. Sincerely yours and hoping you all have nice holidays, I say goodbye. R3."

IRS: (Surprised) Wow... this is serious.

Frisky: (Freaking out) What should we do!? Should we go over to the police? Tell Master Swain about this?

IRS: First of all, where is Neonir?

Frisky: He... I think he's in the hospital of the League.

IRS: Then why didn't they take him in the first place?

Frisky: (Gesturing) I don't know! Probably because its crowded with champions everywhere!?

IRS: Oh, right, right... (thinks to himself) Well, we should go to the hospital and check up on him. If they realize they can get him, we're screwed.

- They run to the hospital as fast as they can. Night closes on them as they finally get to the front door -

IRS: (Panting) What's the room?

Frisky: (Remembering hard) 233 I think.

IRS: (Running up the stairs) Come on!

- As they approach room 233 they hear loud battle noises coming from somewhere -

Frisky: (Running) They're here already!

IRS: (Hearing the noises too) Prepare to fight!

- They reach the door. IRS kicks it hard and enters the room with Frisky by his side. On the bed Neonir is dressed up with a robe desperately trying to fight his way out of the hold of two guys who have him grabbed by the arms and neck -

Neonir: (Sees them, but has his mouth covered) HmhmhHMHMhmhH!

IRS: (To Frisky) Take the one on the left (She nods) Hey! Get away from him! (He shoots a thin stream of purple light into one of the kidnapper's hand)

Katowska: (Lets go off him) Ouch! My hand! (Takes out a brush dripping in paint) I'll show you, square! (He paints in the air, creating a wide wave of red liquid that goes trough the wall with a heavy impact, missing IRS. Katowksa looks around) Where did he go?

IRS: (Appearing behind him) Gotcha! (Surrounds Katowska's body with a purple bubble, immobilizing him)

- The other man, who's still trying to get a hold on Neonir notices his friend is in trouble and in a split second enlarges and sharpens his teeth and make his fingernails grow up to the size of razor like claws. -

Seth: (Jumping on IRS) FOOD!

- He slashes him but IRS dodges, letting Katowska out of the bubble in the process. When he's about to charge again, Frisky whips him and smashes him to the wall -

Katowksa: (Quickly paints a pentagram on the floor) Quick! Get in!

Seth: (Doesn't want to, looking with murderer eyes at Frisky) No... I... want.... meat...

Katowska: (Grabs him by the neck and puts him in the pentagram) LATER!

- Before anyone can do anything both the kidnappers dissapear in a pond of blood. Frisky approaches Neonir -

Frisky: (Helping him get in bed) Are you okay?

Neonir: (Like it's not a big deal) Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

IRS: (Gets up) Who were those guys?

Neonir: They are... my father's assasins.

Frisky: I figured as much. Here, take a look at this (hands him the letter).

Neonir: (After reading it, shocked) What?! He wants me back!? Uh-uh (moves his head) Not gonna happen.

IRS: But, they have Enmiand!

Neonir: (Doesn't give in) No way I'm going back there. Not that is any of your bussiness, but my dad and I don't get along too well. Besides, Presto brought it up upon himself!

Frisky: (Has had enough, pushes him against the bed) What is your fuc king problem!? He was just trying to save us both! You should be grateful he didn't end you there!

Neonir: (Pushes her away) What is YOUR fuc king problem? Why do you even care what happens to him?! He's a nobody!

Firsky: (Stares at him, mad furious) You're scum.

Neonir: (Grinning) Oh yeah? Well, your alter ego doesn't feel that way (makes a pelvic movement).

IRS: Wait, so you knew it was Super Frisky all along? And you didn't tell Enmiand that?

Neonir: (Proud) **** right! In my book, one is better than none, and creepo was really being a problem. I'm glad he's out of the game now.

IRS: (Being harsh and cold for the first time) She's right, you're scum. You're on your own now Demon Prince.

- They walk out to the hallway feeling really down -

Frisky: (Desperate) What should we do now? Call the League?

IRS: (Calculative) No. They don't care about us. They'd have Enmiand dead no problem. We need to settle this our own way. (Idea) Do you still have the number of that crazy Zabii kid?

Frisky: Well.. yes, he kinda forced it to me.

IRS: Call him. (Smiles) It's time for a new League.

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Very nice enmiand! I like it! Always wanted to be an assasin for some evil demon overlord :3
One thing though....could you change the blood part to something else? like chocolate or plasma? Kinda have negative responses to blood....(personal issues)

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Divest King

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I don't want to offend the other authors or anything like that but... I think this is the best series of this thread :x

Waiting for the next chapter