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Need help getting the hang of Morgana on Support

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Semantic Memory



Hey all,

Been playing around with Morgana a bit, and can't seem to find a good way to play with her yet. I know she's supposed to be quite the support character, but I haven't been able to make her work as I'd like to - I seem to be feeding a bit, despite playing defensively (then again, last game I was against a fed Kat and singed laning together..ouch). Anyway, does anybody have any item builds (I know it changes each game..just for a basis)/advice for playing her in general? She seems like a great champion with a lot of potential, and I want to learn her, but I don't know where to start since the guides posted are relatively old (the most recent one is about DPS Morgana, which I wouldn't bother with since I would play Annie for that role).

- Chaos

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Senior Member


Hey Chaos,

There are a couple of guides at the top, check the sticky. Even if they are old the item builds are still good. You pretty much build her tank/support. RoA, Frozen Heart, Mercury Treads, Soul Shroud, etc. Cooldown reduction is great as you can't do much until your abilities refresh. I usually don't die too much. If they come after you early game, stun one close range and/or shield yourself. Just remember you are slow. My guess is Singed caught you, tossed you and that was the end of that.

Use tormented soil to farm/harass just watch your mana.

Remember to use shield on yourself. A lot of times you try to worry about saving someone else and you end up getting focused.

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Baron Corm

Senior Member



That is my item build and skilling order, plus a bunch of random other tips. I agree with most of what Kragorn said as well. If you're playing against fed people, you're going to have problems, and I wouldn't judge yourself based on that.

I'm actually usually pretty offensive as Morgana. People are terribly afraid of all four of your skills, so use that to your advantage. If you can hit someone with a Dark Binding, then Tormented Soil a split second later, that can take out a huge amount of their HP. Remember to autoattack them during their bound time as well, even if it isn't much, it helps. If you're facing a melee hero, never get anywhere near them, because you don't have to. You can be offensive from far away. Lastly, always play with friends. With another champion, you are an amazing ganker and very survivable, but without one, you will die very quickly. If your lane partner is incompetent, you are going to have problems, and shouldn't blame yourself for that.

Edit: Updated the guide with some of the things I just said. Another thing is, check to see if the enemy champion has Mercury's Treads. You can't do anything to them if they do, so let your teammates deal with them.