(suggestion) Earlier surrender

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I agree that people should be able to surrender earlier cause it save so much time
for a game that says its more aggresive then dota the games i find tend to last around an 1hr on average if the teams are somewhat balanced. But there are also games where teams aren't even close to being balance things such as dead weight, leavers, laggers, feeders, and the list goes on and people really just want to give up earlier knowing even if they leave they can't join a new game

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I've been in more than one match where we were just trying to hold on and wasting time until we could surrender...

having multiple leavers or 1 really bad feeder should decrease the time until you can surrender.. spawning and then immediately dying 5x while waiting for surrender to be avail is just annoying...

I also agree that there should be higher penalties for leaving...

I don't think I have ever left a match, except for disconnects, and then I always come back..

Why should it be okay for ppl to rage quit and leave cuz they felt like it??

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Originally Posted by How Do I Heal View Post
Allow surrender any time teams are off by 2 or more players.

Allow surrender any time that teams have been off by 1 player for 5 consecutive minutes.

Drop surrender threshold to 50% if a team meets all three of: Kill ratio lower than 1:2, has suffered at least 10 deaths, and is down by 2 or more towers.

If a player does not issue any commands during surrender countdown, calculate surrender as if they weren't there.

There, surrenders fixed.
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