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Twisted Fate: The death Dealer

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Hi all, and welcome to my guide to Twisted Fate: The Death Dealer.

For starters,i like playing Twisted with a DPS build. In my experience crit, AS and pure DMG work better on him then AP since you only really have 2 spells that use the AP, and i like to keep the damage coming.


I'm gonna skip the little talk explaining the abilities of Twisted, i assume you have played him a little and know what the Q W E R buttons on your keyboard represent.

Your first ability really depends on what ur plan is and what your lane is. If you are laned with a stunner/slower i would advice taking pick a card as your first skill. Combining your partners slow/stun with your pick a card: gold card can lead to a fast first kill. Ideal ofc is to be in the brush close to their tower. Are you laned with someone without a slow/stun i advice taking your wild cards first,they are great to harass with from long distance. I usually get my gate at lvl 4-5 so i can blue pill back to base, fill up on mana, buy some items and be right back in my lane without losing to much experience. Get your ulti every lvl u can (6, 11 and 16) and try lvling Wild Cards faster then Pick a Card as they do a lot of dmg at max lvl.


Items on a physical twisted are quite important,i usually follow this order:

  1. Meki Pendant and 2 HP potions
  2. Meki Pendant into Philosoper's Stone,get Berserker's greaves if possible,otherwise get what you can of it
  3. Trinity Force (important item!!!)
  4. Wit's End/Madred's Bloodrazor (depends on how well you have been doing)
  5. At this point its kinda up to what u need,i usually go for some HP items as Twisted tends to be a bit squishy,i find Banshee's Veil to be helpfull as it gives HP,mana,magic resist and a shield every 30 sec. Should you however feel fine with the survivability u have go get more DMG!!! You are after all The death Dealer

Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

For my runes i personally use aAS/crit page for Twisted. The crit goes nice with his passive ability and u can get some really sweet crits on a Trinity force Proc (i've had 700 crits in good games) Crit also helps a lot in your early game should you decide to play aggresive

My masteries are 21/0/9, kinda self explaining, you want to max out your dmg and get some mana regen for your early game from the utility tree. I put points in improved exhaust/ghost as they are usually my summoner spells. Ghost is great for chasing people as well as getting out of nasty situations. Exhaust is also a great spell that can be used offensivly or defensivly, adds some nice dmg to your Pick a Card/Wildcard. Ofcourse runes,masteries and summoner spells are completely up to your preference/teamsetup, this is just what i use, and it works for me


Early game (1-6)

Try to be carefull getting fast kills. Twisted is squishy, don't go in unless you are sure you are gonna get the kill. You are better of farming creeps with your Wildcards and make money which you will need for your items. A nice little trick to farm creeps is to throw your wildcards at them when they are still in a single file, do some autoattacks and then use your wildcards again to finish them off. Should you find urself under heavy pressure,dont be afraid to get gate a little earlier and go back to base to heal up

Mid game (6-14)

With destiny, gate and hopefully a sheen (part of your Triforce) you are a ganking machine.Slow em,port there, goldcard em, autoattack em with your sheen proc,throw wildcards and hey..another sheen proc!! Be sure to alert your team mates where you are gonna come, some help is always nice and maybe they can use the slow to their own advantage as well

Late game (14-18)

With the items you now have (Berserker's, Trinity, Madreds/Wit's end...whatever else you could buy) there is no stopping you,gank,push lanes,destroy towers...the choice is yours! Be sure to spam your spells to get max use of those Trinity procs

Some thoughts

  • Don't underestimate the power of pick a cards blue card,its great for destroying towers/inhibs. Also can be used to juke your opponent. Pick a blue card,the enemy will think you are an idiot that can't pick and he won't run, throw the blue card on a minion while u start running to the enemy, before he realises what's happening,you repicked a goldcard and are ****ing him up! This does mean you need to be sure of your ability to pick a gold card when u need it
  • At the moment there is a bug with the Pick a card red card,when used on an inhibitor it keeps throwing it,doing sweet dmg...I hope this will be fixed soon though as it's kinda lame
  • Be aware of your other lanes! Should you see all enemies missing,pop that ulti!!! You just might save a team mate from dying or catch someone of guard doing some neutral creep farming

This was pretty much my guide,feel free to comment on it, but don't flame, rather find something constructive to say ( and im not English,so sorry for the typing mistakes )

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If you've got a good lanning partner you can pretty much get first blood every game.

Exhaust -> gold card -> dead.

Usually when I port to town I've got enough money for a sheen (lvl 4-6). From that point on it's all gang bang.

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you can indeed get your sheen at early lvl,i just prefer to get my boots before the ganking breaks loose. Also handy to chase ppl down with a goldcard, but ofc, to each his own