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[ChampionSuggestion] RailRip the Haunted Locomotiver

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RailRip, The Haunted Locomotive

Background Story:

RailRip used to be an evil spirit that caused pain, mischef and agony wherever he went untill
the day a powerful mage bound him to an iron tombstone in ages past, before the first Rune Wars.
However, years after the wars ended, the Yordle enginers of Bangle City colected the tombstone along
with mined ore from that area, to be melted and used in the construction of their latest public transport.
Unfortuneately the spirt, now bound to the locomotive had other plans, and he took the poor Yordles
On a one way trip to hell....literaly.
His new found freedom was short lived however, when the Noxian Summoners tracked down and shackled him to their will, to be used as a political weapon in the League of Legends... a twisted and demented champion.

X Health 470 (+80 / per level)
X Mana 230 (+35 / per level)
X Move Speed 315
X Armor 25 (+3.3 / per level)
X Spell Block 35 (+0 / per level)
X Critical Strike 2.5 (+0.5 / per level)
X Health Regen 2.00 (+0.17 / per level)
X Mana Regen 1.0 (+0.06 / per level)
X Range 130
X Starting Damage: 68


On Tracks (Passive): While RailRip is moveing throught the lanes he gets a 30% increase in movement speed, but gets a 15% decrease in speed if moveing throught the forest or patches of grass.

Steamroll (Ability 1): RailRip lets lose a cloud of steam from his engine at the target area blinding the enemy units while increaseing the dodge chance of you and your ally's by (10/15/20/25/30 %).
Lasts for 5 seconds.
Notes: The AoE is quite small so its easy to get out of.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Cost: 120 mana.
Range: 330.

Mean Machine(Ability 2, Passive): Each phisical atack made against RailRip increases his atack damage and armour by 5, and each spell cast on him increases his Ability Power by 15 and magic resistance by 5. The stat increase lasts for (5/7/9/12/150) seconds. The cap is at 10 maximum stacks for each stat.

All Aboard (Ability 3): The spectral locomotive stores the souls of those slain on the battle field and converts them into Wraith slaves that serve him in undeath.

Passive effect: Reduces the time you and your ally's spend dead by 5%.

Active effect: After slaying 10 enemy minions or heros, RailRip can summon a Wraith guardian (pet) at the target location dealing (100/150/200/250/290) damage with (100 x 1/2/3/4/5) Health and (50/60/70/80/90) damage, that follows him around. The wraith deals 1.5x his current damage to enemy Turrets.

Cooldown: none
Cost: 200
Range 300

One Way Ticket to Hell (Ultimate):


RailRip takes his target on a one way ride to hell, dealing (780/980/1200) damage to it, but destroy's RailRip aswell.


A metalic tombstone is created where RailRip dies, giveing increased health and mana regeneration along with vision of that area for 15 seconds to all allied units in the area.

Cooldown 120 seconds
Cost: 350 mana
Range: 130

Posible apearence/moddel: http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/551/locomotiver2.png

"Wana' go for a ride, summoner?"
"Let me steamroll them boss!"
"All aboard, final destination: the local graveyard"
Taunt:" I'll give you one hell of a ride"

Taggs: Nuker, Pusher, Tank, Caster, Pet, Assasin.


Playing as:
RailRip is a flexible character, you can build him however you like.
Try stacking runes and talents that reduce the time spent dead to maximise the efficency of your ultimate.
As a tank, try stacking dodge and armour on him...also haveing heal as a summoner spell or a healer champion as an ally helps alot.

Playing against:
Stacking health and MR items severly reduces RailRips damage potential.
Haveing Smite as a summoner spell also helps take down his Wraith minion before he pushes the lane to atempt atacking your tower.

Concept and role in the game:

RailRip is supposed to be a hard hitting tank that takes one for the team, and takes down another one from the opposeing team aswell. His job is to get in, tank or damage someone hard then make sure one of the enemy champions dies, becouse he doesnt get out of a team fight anyway.
But with the right runes and talents death is only a minor setback for this champion.

Final Notes:

This is my first hero suggestion so please be gentle!
Also dont scream OP, judge by the concept first and make constructive feedback about what you like/dont like about him.

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Thanks for checkin out Phasma. ^_^

- 75 starting damage is wicked high, I don't even think Yi w/ Wuju at level 1 has that much.

- That's wicked clever, however would require a lot of additional coding, as I don't believe there is anything the currently defines lane boundaries, or whether or not you are in a lane.

- For what it does, it needs a longer cooldown, and should a bit more mana. I would suggest changing the skill to an AoE Blind, instead of the movement speed decrease / dodge.

Mean Machine
- I hope it isn't a permanent increase, because that is mad OP. It also needs 5 ranks, even if it's passive.

All Aboard
- Too similar to Tibbers, and the pet damage against towers is too strong.

One Way Ticket to Hell
- It seems kinda boring and simple to be an ultimate. Also, the damage isn't much better than some other ults, and they don't kill your champion. >.<

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Thanks for the feedback, ill be sure to tweak him up a bit so he doesnt dance so much on the edge of ****py/OP line.


* Remade the first ability to blind the enemy instead while the dodge chance got changed to level with the rank of the spell.

*Nerfed his starting atack damage a bit.

* Ranked his second ability while also adding a cap to the number of stacks.

*Buffed the damage his 3rd skill does when cast by a small amount.

* Buffed his ultimate damage while also removeing the health penalty. Passive team support component added to it aswell.