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I've never seen so many stupid people play such a difficult game.

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I haven't gotten to ranked yet so this applies to normal only. I'd say about 25-30% of the time I queue up and 3 people immediately lock in squishy carries and the last person locks in a tougher carry such as jax, olaf etc. This leaves us without a tank or support and most of the time, little to no CC.

Now I'm not against tanking. In fact some of my best heroes are tanks. And Janna is one of my best heroes as well in the support category. But when people honestly think they will win a game with a team consisting of Miss Fortune, Ashe, Yi, Xin Zhao, and Ryze, I just have nothing to say. This is one of the most intelligent and difficult games I've ever played and it boggles my ****ing mind that people think they will win with such poor team composition. You don't need to go 10-0 every game to be good.

Sorry to rant, but backing out of three queues in a row has me on a long time penalty.