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[Champion Suggestion] Melinda, Warrior of the Garden

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I stole this template from someone who's name I forget. Sorry for not giving you credit, if you care.

Title: Warrior of the Garden

A creature that appears to be a female human covered in green paint and various flowers. Has very long and strangely green hair. Moves somehwat like a cross between a bear and a human. Has strange, sharp claws for digging and scratching.


"How long must I walk on this awful soil?"
“I'll try to keep up, summoner."
"Don't I smell amazing?"


"Don't underestimate the power of plants."


"What does the scouter say about my flower level?"


"Are you sure? M-Me?"


Throws flower petals up in the air and jumps around.


Coming soon... or not.

Health - Average
Attack - Weak
Spells - Strong
Role – harass, support, slow

Auto Attack- Slash enemy with claws.


Passive: Aromatic Skin

The flowers that cover Melinda's skin give off a wonderful aroma that distracts nearby units, lowering their agility.

Melinda has an aura that lowers nearby units' attack speeds, movement speeds, and dodge chances. Effect is small, and increases with level.

Q: Potato Bomb

Melinda pulls a potato out of the ground and chucks it at a target location. The potato explodes, stunning and slightly damaging nearby enemies.

After selecting a target location, Melinda sticks her hand into the ground in a conspicuous manner and pulls out a potato. Melinda hurls the potato at the target location. The target location cannot be changed once it has been selected, giving nearby enemies a split second to move away while the potato is being pulled out of the ground. However, if they fail to avoid the potato, they'll be stunned. Enemies who are hit directly take no damage, but are stunned for longer.

W: Dig

Cast once to burrow Melinda under the ground. While burrowed health regeneration is increased, and Melinda is invisible, but if an enemy unit moves over her, she takes damage. Melinda can move a short distance while burrowed. Cast again to pop Melinda out of the ground and knock nearby enemies airborne, dealing damage and slowing them when they land.

Melinda cannot do anything while burrowed except for move a short distance and sit there regenerating health, which will be most likely interrupted by being run over. The main purpose is to harass enemies by knocking them airborne.

E: Poison Flower

Melinda plants a giant flower in the ground that poisons nearby enemy units.

The flowers are attackable, much like Heimerdinger's turrets, but not as tough. The flowers have an aura like the champion's that affects nearby enemy units. The poison from the poison flower slightly slows and damages affected units. Poison damage increases with AP.

R: Aromatherapy

Passive: When Aromatherapy is ready to activate, friendly units around Melinda have increased health regen.
Active: Friendly units around Melinda get immensely increased health regen, have all debuffs removed and are immune to debuffs for a short amount of time.

Quite straightforward. Allies must be within Aromatherapy's range before it starts to receive the effects. Health regen increase increases with AP.

Melinda has a wide variety of annoying slows and stuns and junk, making her an annoying champion to face. She is pretty much purely support, but in a different way than Soraka.


1. It's like 4 AM and no thought was put into this. Suggest/flame away.

2. This champion is probably extremely under/overpowered. I don't even know.

3. I'm tired.

4. This was kinda fun, I should make a better one some other time.

5. The strat with her would probably be to stack AP and make poison flowers do a bunch, and boost Aromatherapy's effect.

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Senior Member


Well, coupling dig with aromatherapy is due for massive regen, but seems kinda lame just having an immense regen person. Also, ult is like cleanse, just saying. Interesting, next time add numbers.

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Yeah, Ult was supposed to be like the old version of cleanse. This would probably be one of those support champions that really isn't that fun to play, much like Soraka. It's hard to add numbers because they will most likely be unbalanced in one way or another. Thanks for the comments.