Nothing loads?

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Vanilla Blast

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I start it, I can login (everything looks fine) but then the homepage, store, and profile never load, sometimes the loading circle thing spins but it's not even always there.
When a pop-up appears, the window pops up but never reaches full size and the buttons never appear, making it impossible to start a game.

Is it possible adobe air isn't updated properly? If so, how do I update it?

EDIT: After reinstalling adobe air, now I can see the champ selection screen and create custom games, but after doing either of both, instead of the screen returning to black on homepage, shop, or profile the previous screen just gets clipped.
(I go to the select a custom game to join screen, go back to my "homepage" and I can still see the list of custom games, none are clickable)

However the actual game runs great, maybe even better than on bootcamp.

EDIT: The problem was solved by moving the application to my user, again admin problems.
The problem is that it just glitches instead of asking for permission, you need to get on that riot!