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What items would you guys like to see? (With Rules)

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The ability of tanks to absorb burst and then deal grave damage to casters whose spells are not on Cooldown places too much emphasis on ranged physical DPS and on tanky DPS. Also, HP itemization for pure AP champs is very limited, and overall survivability is a serious issue for many casters with long CD spells.

Visage of the Void
Catalyst the Protector (1325g)
Haunting Guise (1485g)
Combine cost 690g
Total cost 3500g

600 HP
400 Mana
30 AP
20 Spell Pen
Unique Passive: On spellcast, place a debuff on the target that reduces MR by 5 for 10 seconds, stacks up to 10x. At full stacks, the target takes 1% of max HP as True Damage on receiving any magic damage. (Stacks are only gained/refreshed by the holder of the Visage.) Unique Active: Inflict target with a full 10x stack of the Void Torment debuff. Cooldown 120 seconds.

Due to the base stats on the item, it fulfills a specific niche, where the enemy team is mostly comprised of meaty champions that counter burst casters so well. It also provides a situational counterpart to the Bloodrazors, giving casters a method of fighting against champions who focus purely on increasing their EHP, and relying on their sustained damage to take advantage of the relative fragility of burst casters, while not providing compelling stats for champions and/or situations that the item is not intended for.

This is an excellent, exceptional idea!

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Some champions are completely shut down by CC. i.e. Master Yi, Tryndamere, Draven, Pantheon, etc. These champions have little to no answer to intense, high amounts of CC. Mercury's Treads and Quicksilver Sash can only do so much. I propose an item that would be a late game addition to these AD champions that would grant protection from CC while not completely taking away an item slot for either complete defense, or a lack-luster contribution.

The Item:
Negatron Cloak (48 Mag Res; 740 Gold) + 900 Gold to upgrade into-
Quicksilver Sash (48 Mag Res; 1640 Gold)
-Unique Acive: Removes all debuffs from your champion-90 sec CD
Brawler's Gloves (+8% Crit Chance; 400 Gold) +
Dagger (+15% Atk Spd; 420 Gold) + 375 Gold to upgrade into-
Zeal (+20% Atk Spd, +10% Crit. Chance, +10% MS; 1195 Gold) + 800 Gold to upgrade into-
Recipe= Quicksilver Daggers (52 Mag Res, +25% Atk Spd, +15% Crit Chance,
+14% MS)
-Unique Passive: For every CC effect applied to your champion, your champion gains +15 Tenacity. Lasts for 1.5 secs and stacks up to 3 times. (Tenacity reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds and immobilizes. Does not stack with other Tenacity items.)
-Unique Active: Removes all debuffs from your champion- 90 sec CD.

Solves Problem:
This item would be a late game, good contribution to AD champions seeking to counter-act intense, high amounts of CC. The less CC applied to your champion, the less effective this item would be. However, the buff only lasts for 4.5 sec maximum, but only if your enemy is perfectly timing they're CC- which they won't. That would make the actual average duration of Tenacity about 2 sec give or take. Since it is Tenacity, it doesn't stack with other Tenacity items, like Mercury's Treads, which would allow summoners to pick a different pair of boots. This item also is not solely defensive, which would make it a good pick for AD champions. I made the buff scale high, but not stack so that it would not be op for ranged AD champions like Caitlyn or Miss Fortune, who already have tools for escaping. The buff also has a short duration so that any AD champion cannot just dive into the enemy team, ignoring any and all CC. At maximum potential, this item might let a heavily fed ADC jump into the team and assassinate a problematic squishy champion. This item could potentially be problematic for Dr. Mundo, Garen, Irelia, Singed, and Trundle if they stack cleanse with this item, as well as the Juggernaut Mastery from the Defensive Mastery Tree.

I hope that you like this item, and consider it for a future update! Thanks for the forum posts Xypherous!!

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Problem - Keeping an item slot open for warding by supports making them only viable to carry 4 items and a boots. Item would be viable by all support oriented champions.

Staff of the Sightless Mind

Kages Lucky Pick + Mana Minipulator + Regrowth Pendent + 1000 gold.
750 + 475 + 435 + 1000 = 2660 gold

Allows the item bearer to hold wards on his person up to a cap of 5 vision wards
Unique Passive - item gives a 10 Mana regen per 5 and 20 Hp regeneration per 5 seconds aura
Unique Active - allows holder to place a vision ward

The item would be able to hold wards up to a cap of 5 and provide a small mana and hp regen aura. The kages lucky pick and mana manipulator are items seldom seen on supports so it would open up an opportunity for supports to build these items. It would address the issue of supports effectively only having 4 items as the ward carrying capability would be vital to them.

I think the cost is reasonable going the standard gold per 10 item build they support would be able to pick up this item reasonably late into the game where the issue of the slots would be a greater issue.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally if you do manage to read this put in a Wards placed/bought statistic in the end game.
or if possible have a separate inventory slot for wards.

Good idea i'm tired of having to sell and buy back boots to plant wards

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Problem: Mages are very dependent on Sorceror's Shoes but could use more options for tenacity and health, especially mid and late game. Moonflair Spellblade is unpopular despite mages being commonly focused and ganked.

Ethereal Tome (2500g)
Moonflair Spellblade (1200g)
Kindlegem (850g)

+60 ability power
+35 tenacity
+300 health
Unique Passive: +15% cooldown reduction

This item would make it viable for mages to build Moonflair without falling off late game as much. Mages would have the choice of rushing Kindlegem or Spellblade, both of which can increase surviveablility. I would consider using this on Veigar if against a team with a strong ganker and heavy CC.

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Vivi R66

Senior Member


Executioner's Calling (slight passive remake)

Brawler's Gloves (400g)
Vampiric Scepter (450g)
Recipe 550g

Unique Passive: On-hit, aplies a DoT of 5 magic damage extra the next 8 seconds. It the target has grievous wounds on him, this damage becomes True Damage instead, DoT stacks twice (maybe more?).

Unique Active: blablabla Grievous Wounds like before


Why? This would make the passive damage less useless, as the 4 magic damage DoT does nothing considering the targets base MR makes this already be a 3 damage DoT.

Also adds more purpose to the grievous wounds (which is amazing but people only thend to use on champions like Mundo or Vladmir), and makes a great niche item (Miss Fortune, Tristana and Varus Grievous Wounds).

Item also becomes more useful and can be used versus certain champions, like avoiding a Malphite to create his passive shield thx to the DoT.

Other option would be not make it be true damage, but make the magic damage a tad higher and stack indefinitivelly.

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Problem: Nobody uses Tiamat's even though it has a really cool passive because the rest of the stats aren’t useful. For a 2k item, the AD stats are nice, but the Hp regen isn’t useful after the early game, and the mana regen is pitiful.
Solution: adjust the item to provide more stats that are looked for by more champions. Two paths could be taken, and might be a good reason for two tier 3 items that build from tiamats
Tiamat’s 2515
Pickax (975) + Longsword (415) + ruby crystal (475) + Rejuvenation Bead (250) + 400 g
50 AD
+250 Hp
+15 Hp/5
Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% area damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks).

Explanation: by providing a good amount of AD as well as some good survivability, it is a great mid game item for top lane bruisers, ad carries who need a little survivability, or junglers who want help clearing the jungle a little faster with some AoE damage.

[insert name here]
Problem: Providing a late game item for Tiamat’s to build into so it isn’t ignored. Primary Champions would be top lane bruisers that also need a high level of sustain from items as well as a large AD boost. i.e. Riven, Pantheon, Gangplank, Jax, etc.

Tiamat’s (2515) + Phage (1315) + 300 = 4130

75 AD
+ 650 HP
+ 30 HP/5
Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% area damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks).
UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds (20% for ranged attacks). Does not stack with Frozen Mallet

Explanation: Gives an item to build from tiamat’s, making it carry into the late game. Still, it’s a very expensive item on the same level as Tri-Force. However it combines a very large amount of AD, a decent amount of HP and a useful amount of HP/5 on top of two good passives. It provides the aforementioned champions with a reliable slow, some additional AoE and the bulk needed to keep in the fight.

Additional points: one thing you might look at doing is to take the HP/5 out of the item and lower the cost down to around 3600.

[insert another name here]

Problem: providing an item for Ranged Characters for tiamat’s. Probable champions would be ad carries who want to add some AoE to their repertoire.

Tiamat’s (2515) + either Zeal (1195) or Recurve bow (1050) = 3710 or 3565
50 AD
250 HP
15 hp/5
Either 30% attack speed, 15% crit, and 12% move speed
Or: 50% attack speed
Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% area damage around the target

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We have boots that allow you to move faster before battles (Boots of Mobility) how about boots to get you out of battles? Specifically Assasin and support types. All in champs like Elise, Diana, and Rengar have a hard time escaping after jumping onto an enemy, Sona and Janna, although have good speed boosts to escape, after getting hit even once with a slow will spell their end.

Fleeing FlipFlops:
Boots (350G) + 650 G = 1000 G (total)

+2 Movement speed
Unique: Enhanced Movement 2. The effect of these boots is increased to Enhanced Movement 5 when you receive damage.

During Fights this allows champions that need to get in or out to be able to move better. As a support after getting attacked you can now get out of range with the speed boost instead of getting picked off or having to burn Shurelia's. After taking out or jumping onto a target assasins will get a speed boost to help them escape if focus on.

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Senior Member


Problem: The availability of heavy burst, as well as the proliferation of CC currently in the game, has made AD carries "less than" viable. To counteract this CC, they have to sacrifice overall DPS for a quicksilver sash, and sacrifice a summoner spell for cleanse. This still doesn't quite do enough to correct the issue. In addition, Cloak and Dagger does not currently have an item that it can build up into. As an answer, I present the following item. This is based off of an artifact that the character Artemis Entreri, an Assassin character created by the author R.A. Salvatore.

Item: Black Gauntlet
20% Attack Speed
20% Critical Chance
50 AD
35 Tenacity
UNIQUE Passive: If you would suffer damage greater than 10% of your maximum health, reduce all damage taken by 90% for 3 seconds. (90 second cooldown)

Gold Cost: 3150

Recipe: (310g combine cost)
Cloak and Dagger - 1450g
Pickaxe - 975g
Longsword - 415g

With stats like Attack Speed, AD, and Crit Chance, this item will look attractive to any AD carry who is worried that they might get focused. Tenacity as a stat already exists in the game, however most items that have it lack a certain amount of luster that a carry might want to see. With the cooldown on it's passive being 90 seconds, this item will only protect you one time per team fight. With an uptime of 3 seconds, this will likely only protect you from one single wave of incoming burst as well.

Since it lacks the survivability and rebirth passive of Guardian's Angel, lacks the cleansing active of Quicksilver Sash, and the bonus health and mana of Banshee's Veil, I predict that a majority of Ranged AD carries would prefer to take a higher DPS item instead, since they can maintain a safe distance from their enemies. However, Melee carries such as Fiora, Gangplank, Master Yi, Shaco, Sion, and Tryndamere can benefit from all of the stats present on this item. At the same time, this one item does not possess every stat that said characters might want, as it lacks movement speed and lifesteal.

A problem I can see with this item is that it might potentially favor bruisers. However, with the presence of stats like attack speed and critical chance, the 90 second cooldown of the passive, and the lack of a consistent, reliable increase in survivability, I feel that many bruisers would favor other items, especially considering the item's expense.

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Talan Gwyllt



1) You explicitly define what problem/hole in itemization that you see in our game, or explicitly list a few champions that will *most* synergize with it.

It occurred to me that some champions have custom items just for them. I was wondering if we might see more of this for other champs (*cough* *cough* Udyr *cough*) The benefit is that you don't have to re-code the champ. Because its an item it could be added to some maps and not others. Just an idea.

Another ideas was more items that took advantage short cool downs or rapid ability changes. Udyr, Nidalee for example. We have Rageblade and the sheen items which are all offensive items. What about the same mechanic for defensive items? See example below.

2) You list everything about the item: Stats, Gold Cost, Recipe, etc.
Following the Rageblade formula....

Serenity Armor
1 negaton cloak + 1 chainmail + 400 gold

50 armor
50 magic resist
Unique passive: On basic attack or ability use, increases your armor and magic resist by 4% and heal for 20 hp (or 4% of max health) for 5 seconds (effect stacks up to 8 times). (max heal 160) (replace heal with move speed buff?) Another variant could be if you reach max stacks that you could get a one shot spell shield) Something I think Nidalee players would love.

3) You explain why the item solves the problem that you defined in

I just think the rageblade mechanic could be used more in new and interesting ways. How about a sheen style tank item? IE reduce next damage source by 25-50%?

Just some ideas. :-)

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Junior Member


Problem #1: Supports have a lack of a true late game build because most of the support like items are somewhat expensive in regards to its cost and are not worth the personal stats

Problem #2: During the late game phase I often find heals to be a little bit too weak and take too much time to actually save a champion when they are ignited or completely nuked down

Problem #3: Most supports late game do not have the tankyness to keep themselves alive while, at the same time keeping their carries alive.

Solution: to create a item that can build from cheaper and effective items while having a overall positive effect in the survivability of the support and the team

Item: Recovering Mantle of Ionia (cost: 750) --- (total cost:3200)

Builds from : Emblem of Valor (total cost:900) + Spirit Visage (1550)

+40 Magic Resist
+350 HP
+10% CD reduc
+30 Armor

Unique Passive: - Grants nearby allies +12 HP regeneration per 5 seconds
-Increases healing effects on nearby allies (and self) by 15% (does not apply to HP regeneration)

-Unique Active: heals all allies in a area by 40 HP per second for 5 seconds while removing grievous wound effects (unique passive applies, this active counts as a heal not regeneration) -
note that this items active in succession with team-mates to prevent stacking (time frame 15 seconds)