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What items would you guys like to see? (With Rules)

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Make cloth armors build into chain vest
doran's should give back more gold when sold...

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I think we need to bring back something along the lines of Starks Fervor.

We need an item that gives some sustain from lifesteal while still giving the armor reduction aura and yet still getting the benefit of having some added attck speed. This item greatly benfited characters where you ahd to choose between the extra damage or health items, making them hardcore DPS roles or bruisers. Examples are Shaco, Nocturne, WW, Fiora, and Xin. (some might arugue for shyvanna, darius, GP, and AD eve)
The item created from Starks Fervor (now Zeke's Herald) does not fulfill the needs of these characters. Yes, you get some lifesteal, AS, and HP. but why many poeple bought the item was for the added armor reduction. While Zeke's is usefull for supports, you should give us an alternative item we can use that still has the needed lifesteal sustain, but also incorporates some type of armor reduction for these champs. Wriggles is nice but falls off late game, while I am not going to go all out for a Bloodthirster as a bruiser when I greatly need attack speed. And as we only have ONE ITEM that gives attack speed and lifesteal, it would be great to have another built around the old Starks Fervor.

Thus we need an item like:

Dagger + Dagger + Vamp Cepter + Brutalizer?

25% attack speed
15% lifesteal
+ 10% cooldown reduction
Unique aura - reduce the armor of nearby enemies by 20.

I dont really care to go into the math for how much this item costs. But you see my idea.

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problem there are no pure ad end game lifesteal alternatives to bloodthirster which does not work well when u use abbilities or cannot play passive enough to keep stacks

transmutation blade-longsword +vampiric scepter+435g combine=1300g
20 ad 15%sv

Runic Blade- BF sword +vampiric scepter+ transmutation blade+200g upgrade=3600g
75ad 20%sv 20%lifesteal


Bilgewater greatsword- Bilgewater Cutlass+ transmutation Blade + 200g upgrade=3325g
65 ad 20%sv 20% lifesteal gunblade active

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Problem - Keeping an item slot open for warding by supports making them only viable to carry 4 items and a boots. Item would be viable by all support oriented champions.

Staff of the Sightless Mind

Kages Lucky Pick + Mana Minipulator + Regrowth Pendent + 1000 gold.
750 + 475 + 435 + 1000 = 2660 gold

Allows the item bearer to hold wards on his person up to a cap of 5 vision wards
Unique Passive - item gives a 10 Mana regen per 5 and 20 Hp regeneration per 5 seconds aura
Unique Active - allows holder to place a vision ward

The item would be able to hold wards up to a cap of 5 and provide a small mana and hp regen aura. The kages lucky pick and mana manipulator are items seldom seen on supports so it would open up an opportunity for supports to build these items. It would address the issue of supports effectively only having 4 items as the ward carrying capability would be vital to them.

I think the cost is reasonable going the standard gold per 10 item build they support would be able to pick up this item reasonably late into the game where the issue of the slots would be a greater issue.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally if you do manage to read this put in a Wards placed/bought statistic in the end game.
or if possible have a separate inventory slot for wards.

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@ Xypherous

We had talked before on another thread early this week about Lifesteal and its Variants. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2766254 I do know you are currently working on S3 items at the moment, so now is the best time to throw out ideas.

Most importantly, I wanted to make sure you are aware that of a gap in the items currently that could be filled. While there are a number of HP items with nifty benefits, I don't always need or want to get a Warmog's Armor or a Frozen Mallet or a Sunfire Cape or a Randuin's Omen, etc... Specifically, I think there should be an AD + Crit + Health item.

Of the common AD health choices, there is Warmogs, Sunfire Cape, Randuin's Omen, and Frozen Mallet. If you have Trinity Force, you don't need Frozen Mallet. Sunfire and Randuin's are both good, but Atma's provides enough Armor. Warmogs is just health and Health Regen, and sometimes it feels like a wasted stat to just get health.

If I build a Atma's Impaler and a Trinity Force, that gives 33 Critical Chance. I've heard for Crit to be effective, one should build about 50% Crit Chance. So to take advantage of the Crit Chance provided by these items, I think there should be a compromise health item that offers around 500 Health, a bit AD and a bit of Crit. This would be a good item for champions like Gangplank, Shyvana, Tryndamere, Jax, and Xin Zhao, who want to be slightly tank without losing too much damage.

I don't suggest that the item in a complete build should make a champion deal as much damage as a RADC. But I do wish I could build an Infinity Edge on Shyvana and still be an off-tank. Perhaps you guys already have an item in mind to fill that gap. I know from the last time we talked you had said that my suggestion was pulling in too many directions, so that is why I wrote this appeal, specifically, I'm suggesting an AD oriented Health item (Besides Frozen Mallet)

Thank you Xypherous if you look. Thank you for critiquing my previous item suggestion "Hungering HackRazor".

Soviet Swain approves Improved Itemization.

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a damn Taco Blade!!
stinger would build up to it d:

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Problem: Drives me nuts playing as support and not getting any farm gold to buy items. Its just not fun not having any gold.

Doran's Coin Purse
400 gold
80 hp
Unique Passive: 5% cooldown reduction (wanted another stat on it but didnt want to repeat anything the other dorans did. but maybe something different)
Unique Passive: Whenever a friendly champion within range (same a experience range) kills an enemy minion gain 5 gold.

Why Its a Solution: Allows supports to get farm credit for the help they provide in lane. Yet its not quite as effective as farming so support stay true to the role of making a sacrifice for the team. Also its not free gold so if your lane isnt being effective you will still fall behind unlike regular gold per items. Its not an item any other role would benefit greatly from.

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Talan Gwyllt



179+ plus pages... so maybe this has been suggested but I will try anyways....

Hybrid characters like Udyr/Yorick/Heacrim have no ad/magic pen items available to them.

So why not have a black cleaver formula that reduces MR on target. Or a last whisper that reduces MR by 40%.

Shade of the Beast

Pickaxe + Heart of gold + 400
30 damage
250 health
magic pen +15 or 20% magic pen
5% cool down reduction

Upgrades to

Shadow of the Beast (Yes, that shadow of the beast)
Shade of the Beast + pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 400 gold

60 Damage
450 health
25 magic pen. or 35% magic pen
10% cool down reduction

Or maybe a tank item that does magic pen?

Emblem of the Beast
Null magic mantle + Rejuvenation bead + 350 gold

25 magic resist
10 hp regen
10 magic pen

Unique Aura
Grants allies +10 health regen

Cloak of the beast
Emblem of the beast + null magic mantle + red ruby + 600 gold

60 mr
250 hp
30 hp regen
Unique passive: allies get +20 regen
Unique passive: +30 magic pen
Unique active: Lowers the effect of cc effects by 35% plus a % of bonus magic resist (think randuin's effect)

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1) You explicitly define what problem/hole in itemization that you see in our game, or explicitly list a few champions that will *most* synergize with it.

For melee AP characters, the only item that provides a slow is Rylai's Scepter. Unfortunatly, unlike Frozen Mallet or even Trinity Force, the slow it provides is very weak and has an incredibly short duration. Late game, most tanky character will just get away pass our initial burst. This is a problem for ap assassins that blow all their cooldown in one big burst.

It would help all hybrid melee characters choosing to focus more on ap, especially champions like Diana. It would also work well with AP Yi, AP Trist, AP Kayle, ...

2) You list everything about the item: Stats, Gold Cost, Recipe, etc.

Blade of the Apprentice (1315 gp)
- 415 gp
- Amplifying Tome (435 gp)
- Ruby Crystal (475 gp)

+35 ap
+225 health
+Unique: Your basic attacks have a 25% chance to slow your target's Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds (20% for ranged attacks).

Mageblade (3105 gp)
- 455 gp
- Blade of the Apprentice (1315 gp)
- Ruby Crystal (475 gp)
- Blasting Wand (860 gp)

+80 ap
+500 health
+Unique : Unique: Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. (30% for ranged attacks)

3) You explain why the item solves the problem that you defined in #1.7

Pass a certain mark, after the laning phase, a lonely champion will always be at full hp and will have more tanky items. As a result, assassin characters can't get a kill without waiting for the initial burst's cooldowns to refresh. We need a way to slow the target for a longer duration so we can stay in range for our cooldowns to refresh.

For instance, diana could initiate with Q and R. Then, she would auto attack and use E when her target begins to run away. At this point, usually Diana only has another R to close the gap and then, her target gets away. This item would help Diana slow her target more and stick to it using Q and R, only using double R to finish the kill.


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Problem: Not enough cheap magic resist and health item

Heart of Silver
Ruby Crystal + Null Magic Mantle + 200g
5 gold per 10 second

Explanation: It is counter part of Heart of Gold to create high tier HP/MR item


Problem: Not enough late-game magic resist and health item

Morello's Hood
Heart of Silver + Spirit Visage + 800g
UNIQUE: Cooldowns are reduced by 18% and increases healing and regeneration on yourself by 20%.
UNIQUE Active: Creates shield, reducing incoming magic damage by 20% for 2 second + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown.

Explanation: It is counter part of Randuin's Omen

I think that this is a brilliant idea.