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What items would you guys like to see? (With Rules)

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Black Sun Rising

Senior Member


Problem: Mages only have one item besides boots which boosts movement speed (LB) and are too easily caught and killed during a simple lane chase.

Boots of the Wind Spirit
Blasting Wand (860g) + Hextech Revolver (1200g) + Sorcerer's Shoes (1100g) + 440g = 3600g
+80 AP
Unique: 20% Spellvamp
Unique: Enhanced Movement 3
Unique: +25 Magic Penetration
Unique: Every 30 seconds, gain a shield that protects against a slow/snare effect.

Champions who would benefit: Any and all mages, especially those who are extremely squishy and lack escape abilities. Would give a fair chance for mages to escape, as not many melees build Boots of Swiftness. Since many melees have dashes, I don't feel that Enhanced Movement 3 is too much to ask for.

Problems: Well, to be honest this is kind of an all-in-one for mages. It would probably be more reasonable to lose either the magic penetration or spellvamp =\

Note: Though it is a high-cost item (not going to get extremely early), many mages would already find themselves buying these three items already.

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Junior Member


Problem: need a item for armor and AD and adjustment on Atma

Currently, only Atma's Impaler/Wriggle are fitting to my description. However, Atma scale with HP instead of giving AD directly, and Wriggle is not really effective at late game.

Therefore, I believe there is a requirement for this new AD/Armor items, or maybe just make atma a new recipe.

Armored Blade
25 damage
50 armor
Unique passive: every 5 normal attack gives target a bleeding effect damage over 4 sec,
350 for recipe
required: pickaxe and chain vest
=> 975+700+375 = 2050

Explanation: a new item which works in mid game, build by pickaxe and chain vest, giving both AD and Armor, and a extra damage effect. But DOT gives you less burst damage to balance the great combination. As for the champion focusing on heavy attack speed, the dot passive could be act just like Teemo's ability. This also gives AS champions a great new choice for improving their damage. Overall, I think that dot damage item is a really cool idea.

The new item is able to upgrade to atma with cloak of agility giving critical chance and HP scale
Atma's Impaler
25 damage
50 armor
18% critical chance
Unique passive: gain extra ad equals to 1.3% maximum health
Unique passive: every 5 normal attack gives target a bleeding effect damage over 4 sec
700 for recipe
required: armored blade and cloak of agility
=> total 2050+830+700 = 3555

Explanation: The old atma's AD scale ratio is just too low for player to use it. If we use atma, its almost required player to get a warmog/frozen mallet without consideration, which is too restricted. Atma should be an independent item/viable option even without those extremely high HP item. I believe giving atma some base AD and decrease its health ratio could definitely help (for a 3000 hp champion, this item gives 64 ad which is decent). A 3555 g item also makes it an end-game item, which decrease the advantage of those atma/warmog combination style for mid game, but they will gain the advantage back at the very late game.

Other concern:
Of course, if the new atma is considered too op for bruiser, just lower the hp scale ratio and increase the flat AD. If you think the price is too high, it could be easily adjusted too. Either way, I believe this item will be a great fit for player who wanted to stack armor and ad in the same time, and with further upgrade potential.

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Gladiator Bury




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Gladiator Bury



Problem: There are no boots that grants attack damage, or armor penetration

Spiked boots:
+10% armor penetration
+10 Atack damage
Unique passive: Enhaced movement 2 (does not stack with other boots) ]

Total prize : 1200

Explanation: For champs like nocturne, darius, that are A.D doesnt have A.d boots, soo with these boots, a.d champs , will have the correct boots

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Junior Member


Problem: AD carries are having problems surviving and fighting in combat from strong bruisers such as Darius Garen Riven etc. The Bruiser is too strong for a ad carry to bring down because they have gobs of resistances and high enough damage to kill a carry.

Battle-Worn Blade:
Effects: 40% attack speed, and 22 armor
Unique Passive: each basic attack adds 5 armor to your champion for 3 seconds, stacks 3 times
Active: When the item is activated your champion temporarily gains 10% armor penetration for 7 seconds.

Recipe: Recurve bow and cloth armor

Total cost of all Items: 2200 gold
Battle-Worn Blade Cost:850

Explanation: This would give both ranged and melee AD champions a way to survive in combat vs heavy bruisers while still being about to have a fighting chance to kill them.

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NJ Gamer



Itemization hole: no decent jungle items for AP junglers (i.e. Fiddlesticks)

Item: Energizing armour
Cloth armour+Sapphire crystal+Amplfying tome+250
40 armour,300 mana, 20 AP
UP:Casting a spell gives you 20% of your AP as extra armour for 5 seconds (every 30 secs)
UA:Restores 10% of total health after next spell cast (every min)

This gives AP junglers more armour, AP and mana plus some good sustain and is not overpowered for team fights. it can significantly reduce damage taken from creeps.
It is not overpowered because the bonus armour would only be about 100 on a typical, full 500 AP build.

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Senior Member


I'm not sure that there is a real need for these, but they duplicate (or extend) in a limited way (duration, cost) some of the functionality of summer's spells allowing champions to carry different spells for a cost in gold.

Beacon/Tracer Ward: Acts like a normal (green) ward but when stepped on by an enemy champion, sticks to them (undetected) for 15 seconds providing vision in the (normal ward range) area around the champion. Is detectable if in range of a Vision (Pink) ward or Oracles Elixir. Can be removed with Cleanse or QSS. BV or Spell Shields prevent triggering. Acts as a normal (green) ward until stepped on and if un-triggered, has a duration of 3 minutes. Trigger range = 125. Basically turns an enemy into a moving ward for 15 seconds

Cost: 125 gold.

Curse/Plague Ward: When triggered (range 125) defiles enemy champion, reducing armor and magic resist by 20 of all enemy champions in range (300) for 15 seconds. Debuff can be removed with Cleanse or QSS and blocked by BV and spell shields. Un-triggered duration = 1 min.
Cost: 125 gold.

Gate Ward: Comes in matched pairs. An ally stepping on one ward is teleported to it's counterpart ward (with 1 second channel delay). Duration 3 minutes from when 2nd ward is placed. Only one pair can be active for a team at any given time; if another pair is deployed the first is automatically destroyed. Can be detected with Pink Ward or Oracle's and returns 175g if destroyed.
Cost: 250 gold

The Tracer Ward is an improved sight ward. If it's not triggered, it just wastes 50 gold, but if triggered can be either useless (champion walks into lane) or very powerful (could illuminate a whole team moving through jungle).

The Curse/Plague Ward would be used in team fights, somewhat like the old Rally spell except that the aura is negative and bound to an enemy champion rather than a location.

The Gate Ward might be OP and could very well be a meta-breaker. It could be used to move from lane to lane, to backdoor, split push, counter jungle, etc. Could be used by champions who normally carry teleport to use other summoner's spells for a cost.

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Senior Member


Problem 1: there is are lots of items that can decrease the health regain and healing. but there is only one item that increases health regain and healing which is Spirit Visage. but this item is not viable for late game.

Problem 2: the mechanics of increasing the health of shields cast is not there and it would be interesting to make this new mechanics. so i suggest a new item that can solve both problems.

>>>Geist Armament<<<

Spirit Visage + Blasting Wand + Recipe = Geist Armament
1550 + 860 + 550 = 2960

250 Health
30 Magic Resistance
40 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Cooldowns are reduced by 10% and increases health gained yourself by healing, regeneration, lifesteal and spell vamp by 15%. Also increases the health of all damage absorption shields cast on yourself by 15%

Blasting wand is included in this item instead of MR or AR because then it would be too good for mundo. also if AR is included than this would give too many defensive stats.

@Xypherous ty for the thread

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Senior Member


1) Problem:
- There is more and more champions with AD scaling abilities, however there is not so many cld reduction items for them.
- There is no item combining CLD reduction and AD. And often items with cld reduction offers mana reg, and AP which is useless stat. (something like Banshe Veil for champions without mana)
- There is not so many items with flat armor penetracion (considering how easy is to build big amount of armor.
- Thx to how armor penetracion works, champions with inherit flat penetracion may be more interested in going flat penetracion path.

Champions who may benefit from such item: Garen, Nasus, Xin, Talon, Olaf, Riven, Pantheon.

2) Solution

Side item: Hidden Blade
Cost: Long Sword + 400gp
Effect: 15AD
Unique Passive: -10%cld

Note: This pre item, similar role to fiendish codex.
If this item is overkill, then pickaxe in final recipe would do same.

Name: Ritual Sickle
Cost: Brutalizer + Hidden Blade + 700gp (total 2852gp)
Effect: 40AD
Unique Passive: 20 Armor Penetracion
Unique Passive: -25% cld
Unique Passive: Upon kill or assist restores 200HP over 10 sec. (adds cummulative, so 5 kills its 1000HP over 50sec)
Unique Active: You instantly lose 100HP, but gain 10AD for 8 sec. Also your melee attacks increase the AD bonus by 5. (Up to 35AD total)

3) How it solves the problem.
Hmm its quite obvious i suppose. For any AD champ this is useful item, as long as he has slot and gp. AD is always good while crits, or attack speed not for everyone in the same way.

Why fancy passive? Its more a theme thing, since the item is called Ritual Sickle. It also may be interesting addition to game so after succesful encounter we can go back to action faster. Its more controlable that way than (spell) vampirism. Note that guy with bloodthirster can do same (much better) just spanking random minions to get HP back. (and vampirism is much more useful in combat)

Why Fancy active? Again theme, and some universal steroid. It benefit melee a little more since melee generally have shorter end of the stick. Also sacrifize some health to gain benefit is a new thing in items.

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Senior Member


PROBLEM: Mage's need more movement speed items, for most of their play style requires you to move in, cast your spells, and run out of the fray until you can do it again, and Lichbane the only item with MS stats on a mage item is very counter-intuitive to this design.

I would like to promote a few MS Items for Mages

Vampiric Alacrity
Haunting Guise(1485) + Hextech Revolver (1200) = Vampiric Alacrity (645)
Total price 3330 gold

75 ap 350hp 25 magic pen 20% spell vamp 10% movement speed

Notes: This item also adds a selfish route to go for Spell Vamp for cases when there isn't another mage.

Battlemage's Regalia
Blasting Wand (860) + Cloth Armor (300) = Battlemage's Regalia (825)
Total Cost = 1985 gold

60 ap 30 armor 5% CDR 5% MS
Unique Passive: When attacked Deals 25 magic damage
Unique Passive: On spell cast gain 2% movement speed for 3 seconds stacks up to 3 times

Notes: This Item adds a reasonable path for AP jungles aswell as Mages who are laning Against AD champions

Kindle Gem (850) + Amplifying Tome (435) + Null-Magic Cloak (400) = Etheral Wings (415)
Total Cost= 2100 gold

300 hp 30 ap 30 magic resistance 11% CDR
Unique passive: 4% movement speed
Unique Active: gain 16% movement Speed for 5 seconds. (100 second CD)

Notes: gives mages without escape mechanisms a more defensive build route, for example going up against a highly mobile champion such as Kennen, Ahri, Xin, Leblanc.

other options
A few Items that could have Movement speed added to them, Archangels Staff & Nashor's Tooth

The staff could stacks on its passive already, having it stack on MS could be like a Phantom Dancer equivilent for mages, while Nashor's Tooth Needs an added bonus, but MS might not be it, perhaps 5% increased dmg to be like a Weak Baron Buff, seeing as its his TOOTH.