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Twitch+Yi combo in team WAY to OP

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Any Champion that allows you to build for raw attack power or attack speed is usually broken. I build a defensive Rammus against a Yi once just to see what would happen. He was only critting me for 123 or something like that but he hits me so many times that I'm dead in 5 seconds anyways.

Twitch, is probably the most broken champion in the game. I had a Twitch crit for 2200 once. No character should be able to 1 shot another champion, or their entire team if they use their ultimate for that matter. o.O

I think that a lot of these attack power champions need to be seriously re-vamped by either their skills or some of the insane items that they can get. 25% attack speed on boots? Come on.

I think a good idea might be to rework them into Ability Power heroes. Eve, for instance, is very difficult to kill with until you reach a certain gear requisite. Your spike dps relies on the use of abilities rather than auto attacks, so mana is actually a resource pool you need to concern yourself with. Eve is incredibly easy to kill and you need to play very conservatively and aggressively to be effective.

Now before anyone says anything about AP heroes being overpowered, remember that Nunu has a 2:1 conversion ratio on Absolute Zero, meaning that every 1 ability power gives you 2 damage on that ability.

The idea of converting more of these into AP heroes is just a thought. I personally feel like a lot of the itemization needs to be reworked for attack power/attack speed heroes. Yi doesn't shine until he has 100%+ attack speed from gear, 20% Lifetap, and +100-200 attack power. This is pretty much the same story with the other characters that create a game-breaking experience, such as Twitch.

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Saint Seraphiel

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and Tryndamere, don't forget about Tryndamere.......

what about him? You want him to get nerfed a 3rd time... he's already not even considered playable by a lot. I will always play him though.