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Udyr - Some thoughts after playing him today

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Phoenix stance is probably my favorite stance of his.

Mix phoenix stand with sword of the divine, and you have a guardanteed ~300 dmg every 3/4th hit. Not to mention when you trigger it you get a damage per second.

I usually go all attack speed items (ones with damage buffs madreds bloodrazors,wit's end, sword of the divine) that way he's not lacking damage, and I usually kill most champions in about 3-4 seconds.

The only thing I'd like to see change is the horrible ap ratio he has. The game suggest phoenix/turtle for ap builds. But the ratios are so bad, you might as well just go straight up attack speed.

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Lord Thanatos:

As for his skills, Phoenix Stance is USELESS.


all of you people saying phoenix stance sucks, please try the build i listed above so you can see that it's 50 times better than tiger stance. k, thanks. Tiger is pretty useless right now if anything + it costs much more money to be effective than phoenix does. I'm not 100% sure but I believe tiger's first hit reduces sheen/triforce's proc to a third of what it's supposed to be, and it doesnt spread it out.. it just totally gimps your tri force. So instead of proccing for 150% of base damage in tiger its doing 50%.

I lol whenever i see an udyr in tiger, then i promptly hand him his rear on a silver platter with my phoenix build. Udyr is pretty much better in every way with stacked attack speed over stacked damage. I used to be a tiger stance zealot until i realized "****, phoenix build pushes towers faster, kills champions and minions faster, and is mostly magic damage! wtf am i doing in tiger!?".

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Relatively, attack speed is better than attack power anyways due to the payoffs.

My Eve can crit for 700 at level 18 with absolutely nothing into attack power, that's just what she has naturally. Of course with Eve I would never stack for attack power, but if I did, I would spend the gold of an entire game and maybe double the damage I already do?

Attack speed items are usually cheap, their effective attack speed buffs are almost out of line (25% or more on an item guaranteed) and you are going to more than double your damage by midgame, just by hitting 2.5 or 3 times as fast as you were before.

Anyone who has played a videogame about killing things knows that an attack speed build should involve many damage procs, debuffs, lifetaps, etc. Phoenix should be an obvious choice for an attack speed build. An attack speed build should also be obvious because of superior itemization. Common sense dictates all, any questions?