Why do runes suck?

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I just sacrificed 5 of -.23% cooldown runes, to combine them into a "greater glyph" that gives 2.5 hp?!?!?! What the HELL is that? Why on earth would I ever want +2.5 hp wasted on my rune page? I would gladly trade in that 2.5hp just for ONE of my original 5 runes back! 2.5 hp is NOTHING, why are there even runes like that? Why when i combine 5 ability power runes to I get an HP rune? (and a ****ty one at that). 2.5 hp is so neglectable. Im a bit infuriated that I spent the IP on those 5 runes just to get **** on hardcore.


Heroes hit for 50 times that AT LEVEL 1 why the hell is this in the game???

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Don't combine runes, just buy them from the store with IP.

The combiner is completely random, and, therefore, useless. Only use it if you have a ton of runes you DON'T WANT anymore or want to clean up your runes page, but that's rare so long as you don't waste your IP.

Personally I think they should remove some of the ****pier runes from the game or base the upgrade as a % chance based on which runes you put in. (So if you put in 3 crit chance runes and 2 HP runes, you have a 3/5 chance of getting Crit Chance and 2/5 of HP, rather than 100% random)